Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Ideas

Welcome and Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and
I wish you all nothing but peace, love, health and happiness in the new year.
I have thought of some resolutions for the new year,
But as usual, I know that I won't stick to them.
Then I feel like total crap because I have failed once again.
I think my plan will just be to try and be 
healthier and happier than the last year.

I do want to try and be a bit more organized.
I wanted to start a planner.
I do use my computer a lot but even though I try and be techie...
I do like to use good old paper and pen.
Not to mention that I wanted to join the planner bandwagon,
And I was able to use a coupon on the planner so that made it even better.

Here is the planner I decided on... It's a Happy planner.

The cover even says... Stay Happy.
I love it.
Inside it has many inspirational quotes to make you smile.

So as I've said, I joined the planner bandwagon...
And wanted to start fixing it up.

This was my first layout and I totally didn't know what I was doing.
It is kind of bare.

Now the next week I think I went a bit too much with the decorating.
Total learning experience each week.

This week I had fun doing pink for the Christmas season.

This is Christmas week and I loved using the Christmas colors.

  Here I did not go crazy with the decorating.
But I now have my sticker and washi collection growing.
I also purchased a stamp set for my planner.
I can't wait to play with them as well.
I am figuring out how I would like each week set up and
This planner is staying in my studio.
I think I am going to use it for scheduling blogs and crafting ideas.
Of course I am going to have special days like birthdays and such
So I know what cards I need to make.
I also purchased a smaller planner for my purse 
so I can keep track of work related stuff too.

Above are some paper clips I made for my planner.
The felt and acrylic flowers I had in my stash from Michaels.
I just hot glued them on.

Here's a blue one.

I also did some clear ones.

For a bit more organizing... I got a couple of these plastic cases.
I thought they would be perfect for my sequins.
This collection has been growing too for shaker cards.

These cases do the job well.


Here's one of the boxes close up.

So my organizing for the new year is going well so far.
I have to admit, I am not that disorganized... So it has been easy.

Let me know any of your organizing tips.
Thanks so much for visiting and take care!

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