Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Alcohol Please

If you know me, you know that I do not drink alcohol at all.
Not that there is anything wrong with it, 
it just doesn't do anything for me.
But I did have my fill of Alcohol this weekend, 
alcohol markers that is.
I wanted to do a bit of a test, if you will, 
of the various markers that I have purchased here and there.
I once purchased a set of Prismacolor markers for a 
markdown/clearance deal at an Office Supply store knowing 
that I would use them someday and the price was too hard to pass up.
I fell into the trap of being enabled by other crafters to purchase 
Copic Markers that are on the pricy side, 
but only bought them with coupons.  
Couldn't see buying them for that much money.
I have also purchased various Bic and Sharpies because of the 
rainbow of colors that draw you in as you 
pass the packaging in various stores.
Yes, I love color...have you seen my nail polish collection?  LOL!!!
Anyway, I pulled all of these colorful markers and started coloring my new stamped images to see which markers do what.
So the first difference, of course, 
is that the Copic Markers I have, 
are brush markers.  
So the tips that you are working with are flexible and long...
like a brush...hence the name.  LOL!!!
 They are very blendable (is that a word?) 
and the ink stays a bit wet on the paper.
The Prismacolor markers I own have broad and fine tips.
So I cannot compare apples to apples since they do not have the same tips,
but when using the Prismacolor markers as the darker, 
shading colors on the image then blended them with the Copics, 
they worked rather well.
The do stay wet like the Copics, 
but seemed not as long...
I think that is due to less ink being laid down because of the fine tip.
The Bic/Sharpies I have are fine tips.  
They also do not have a brush tip.
They actually acted the same as the Prismacolor markers.
I guess you can say that I am really comparing the 
Prismacolor and the Bic/Sharpie markers...sorry.
So my conclusion...
I can use ALL of my markers and have a great time!
I know, sucky review/comparison.
Now you know why I never do it!!!
But if there are any question you have, 
please do not hesitate to ask and I will try to let you know anything I can.

Now on to the cards...
Just so you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.
You can do that with all of the pictures on my blog.

I played with the Birdie one a lot as you can tell from the next couple of cards.

Pink Bird-Day

Blue Bird-Day

Green/Purple Bird-Day

Pink/Purple Bird-Day

Next I did some Birthday Fishes cards.

This one is dressed in Pearls.

This one in Rhinestones.

Then I did a girl...pretty in pink.

So I hope you enjoyed my pseudo comparison.
I'm sorry that it wasn't much help, 
but I guess the bottom line is...

If you cannot afford the more expensive markers, you don't need them.
Just color smaller spaces at a time and blend.  It will work.

Now on to my nail portion of the show.

This week I was in a blue mood...when aren't I?
So I decided on a Doticure.

It was really easy to do.
I have a couple of different sized dotting tools, 
but you can do it with some toothpicks, 
bobby pins, regular straight pins.
I first painted a pastel blue as my base,
then dotted away with various blues and white.
Try it out and if you do, post your link below.
I'd love to visit and see.
Take care and thank you so much for visiting.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bark-Day, B-earth Day, Bird-Day...Birthday!

I got a bit excited when I finally received some Paper Smooches stamps.
I thought they were the cutest things when I was purchasing them 
and could not wait to use them.  
So once they were in my little hands, 
I had a great time making all of the following cards with them.

This first one - Happy Bark-Day...
I made a little doghouse for the background, thought that was a cute touch.

This one - Happy B-Earth Day...
I thought the beaver was adorable and had to put glitter on his teeth!
Hemp cord is wrapped around making it a bit of a masculine card.

 This one - Happy Bird-Day...
Decided to a bit of paper piecing on the background of this one.

 This one - Birthday Fishes...
I distressed the edges of the paper and gave the fish googly eyes.

I had a lot of fun playing with this set and will definitely
be playing with them more...
so be prepared to see some more cards soon.

 Right now I am trying to get my head into thinking of Holiday cards,
but this year is getting hard. 
Hopefully my block will lift soon and I can get started on the cards
for the end of the year.
Are you all getting ready for the Holidays now?
I know its early, but time flies so fast that before I know it,
the holidays will be upon us.

So for July 4th, Independence Day, I purchased a Sally Hansen Color Frenzy glitter polish of red, white and blue.
I painted my nails red, white and blue and put the glitter
over the white they are.

How did you do your nails for the holidays?
Would love for you to share.
Remember, I LOVE comments!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and take care.