Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Crapola!!!

LMAO!  There are a couple of reasons for the title of this blog entry.  First is, wow, it has taken me a while to post again, but the reason for that is...First my external hard drive went wonky on me.  Which is where I had EVERYTHING!  Every picture, every piece of music (over 17,000 songs), every program, every website I take care of (my second job) other words...EVERYTHING!  After bringing it to two different places (the first place we won't mention because they took their sweet-ass time with it and then only to discover everything was gone at the second place after having a major fight at the first place...yes, long story) EVERYTHING was GONE!  So I had to start from scratch and try and get everything I could back.  I purchased a new external hard drive and started on my journey of grabbing and downloading everything I could.  BUT...all the photos that I had, I can never get back.  UGH!  Family photos, concert photos and such that I hadn't had time to print out...GONE.  That hurt the most.
The music I was able to backload from my that was all saved.
The programs and websites I was able to get and backload from the that was all saved.
SOME of the photos I had on Facebook so I have started to grab what I could, but that is still going to take awhile.'s the next reason for the absence.
My computer broke!  And it was all my fault!  I banged into the desk where I keep it, it fell and flipped and busted the monitor!  So to fix the monitor on my precious laptop would have cost almost the same amount of money as a new one, so I went with a new one and had to start moving stuff off the old to the new.
Did I say UGH yet?????
In between all this, I have been a little sick, hubby has been sick and work has been crazy (but that's usual).
So I finally have gotten things calmed down a bit and have even been able to go to a couple of concerts and craft!!!
I was able to go to the Tears for Fears concert in Downtown Orlando and it was a blast!!!
It was on August 28th and the concert was FREE!!!!!
Here are some pics that I was able to get!

The one and only...Curt Smith

And Roland Orzabal

Then...on October 9th I got to go see some of the top Freestyle Singers of the Eighties!
Yes, I am showing my age a bit, but I don't care...I loved every minute of it!

Coro - Where are you tonight my Love?

Afrika Bambataa - Planet Rock

Johnny O and Cynthia - Dream Boy

Shannon - Let the music play

Safire - Don't break my heart

Stevie B - Spring Love and Dreaming of Love

So when's the next concert?  LOL!!!
To know me is to know I love ALL MUSIC and love going to concerts!
Can't wait til the next one!

Ok, so now on to the crafts I have been making....I haven't been able to make a lot, but slowly but surely I am getting back into it again!
This was a purse made out of the Dollar Spot Cards found at Michaels.
I got the idea from Kathy at Paper can find her blinkie on the side of my page...
I love all of her work, please go visit her when you get a chance and want to be inspired!

Next up, I have been working on a Haunted House mini-album for Halloween.
Another creation inspired by Kathy at Paper Phenomenon.
I still have a bunch to finish and will update you when I am done, but here it is so far.
It is made out of a paper mache house I bought at Hobby Lobby!

Here is the outside...made with a bunch of items that I cut with my new little toy that my hubby bought me because of all the fiascos I have been going through...a Cricut Create!
I am LOVING this machine!
I bought SCAL - Sure Cuts a Lot program with it and am having a ball...anyone want to help out a newbie???  Would love all the help I can get!

This is the inside...where I will be placing more ghoulish items and my mini album.

Ok, I think I may have caught up on what's going on with me...but I promise to be back again...soon!
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Take care everyone!