Sunday, March 10, 2013

I guess I have to state the obvious...

It has been a LONG time since I posted! ACK!
And I haven't put up many krafty things lately...although that has been what I have been up to.
I have had the crafting bug for a while now, which totally excites me since I was in such a slump there for a while.  Even though I was doing my nails in the time off of crafting! LOL!!!
Yes, I am still doing my nails and when I do a nice manicure I will still share with you since I feel it is still creating whether it is on my nails or on paper.  I promise.

So I have been adding a bunch more to my Etsy site...which I would love for you to visit.
Around the Holidays, a friend of mine, Laurie, showed me these Quilted Ornaments...
I love them and had to make some.  So of course, after making a BUNCH, I put some up on my Etsy site since I could make so many with various sports teams and such.
Here are a couple of examples of the ones I have done and have up for sale:

Florida Gators

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

 New York Giants

Hello Kitty

Minnie Mouse

Must be the Music

Hearts and Love

I just have to remember to keep up with them for when the holidays come rolling around again.
They are a lot of fun to make and lots of fun to find sports or other theme to put together for them.

I will post more that I have done soon.
Stay tuned and take care!