Sunday, December 27, 2015

Here a nail, there a nail

Hello and welcome.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

I am just sharing some manicures I had for December.

This one is just a gorgeous gold polish I found at Big Lots.

It has a bunch of gold glitter and silver holographic glitters.
I love this color.

Here is my take on a present.

A sparkly turquoise base with a white ribbon and bow.
I even added a rhinestone.

Here is another one of my dotticures.

Red as my base with silver and white dots.
Then an accent nail of silver with red and white dots.

This one is a snow landscape.

A dark blue with sparkle base color.
Then I added white on the tips and white dots.

I did manage to get some new polishes this month.
These are from Sinful Colors.

Supernova, Just Glisten (which is a texture polish), Velvet Ribbon, Gilded.

Here is the gold polish from above.
Can you believe that I was able to find it at Big Lots for...
I was so excited!

Love the shine it gives off.

I was also able to pick this one up from Walgreen's on sale.

And last but not least…tell me these are not adorable.

Snowmen polishes!
As you can see, I got them for $5.00 at Dollar General.

Thank you as always for stopping by.
Take care!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pin This

Hello and Welcome!!!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving in the USA!
I know I did...especially getting to spend time with the family.
I started my weekend mini-vacations and am loving all the crafting time!

I found some paper mache items that I purchased a while back and decided
to make some pin cushions.
The reason behind this is because I made some stick pins and bead 'sticks'
and wanted somewhere to put them.
And as always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

So I first took this dress form and round box made of paper mache.

I decoupaged them with tissue paper that I had in my stash.
I wasn't too concerned with the inside of the box since I knew that it was going to be closed permanently.

Here's a close up of the dress form.

I then took glass 'ice cubes' I had in my stash and
hot glued them to the bottom of the box.

I found some white tulle and silver mesh I had and cut them into 6" squares.

I attached the tulle first, then the mesh and
trimmed the top with some flower ribbon trim.
I also added some rhinestones to the flaps of the dress
so it wouldn't be so bulky.
I then added some stick 'pins' to the dress form and it's done!

I love how it came out.
Oh, I added some rhinestones on the top of the
dress form as sort of a necklace.

Here's a side view.

The front view of the dress form pin cushion.
Let me know down below what you think.

So I had a couple more paper mache boxes and was in the
pin cushion decided to make a couple more.

I again added the glass 'ice-cubes' to the bottom of both boxes.
I took batting and some fabric and made puff balls
with them and tied them up with rubberbands...
trimming any extra fabric at the bottom and
making sure they fit inside the boxes.

When I added the puff balls of batting into the boxes,
I hot-glued the sides into the boxes.

I then used trim, pearls, paper flowers, lace and such to decorate.
I then added some more stick pins I also made into the cushion.

Here's the other side.

This one I decorated with silver mesh I had and two mesh bows
I purchased from the Bead Factory a while back.
I knew I would use them on glad I found a home for them.

Here's the side of the pin cushion.
One thing I would change...I should have either painted, decoupaged or something to the box before adding the mesh.
It's not that bad, but it is something I should have done.

So let me know which you like or any other comments you may have below.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!
Take care and thank you so much for visiting!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello everyone and welcome.

So I have been doing a lot of crafting,
But I can't share any of it since they are all for others for Christmas.

I did do a Thanksgiving banner that I even made a quick tutorial on did you.
It was rather easy, and I think it came out looking good.

Here are most of the items you will need to make it.
The background paper for each letter that you decide to have measures 4" tall × 4.5" wide.
Except for the last letter of your banner, which will measure 4" × 4".
So for my banner 'thankful', I had seven measuring 4" × 4.5" and one at 4" × 4".
You are then going to score all of the ones at 4.5" at the 4" mark.
Add a strong adhesive tape on that half-inch mark.

For my banner, I also used colored cardstock measuring 3.75" × 3.75".
Then I also used a pattern paper for each panel measuring 3.5" × 3.5".
The burlap piece measures 3" × 3".
You will also need lettering for each panel of your banner.
I used chipboard alphabet pieces, but you can also use your cricut to cut out your letters,
Or draw/cut your own letters.
Lastly, you will need inks or paints and some embellishments.
I used distress stain, sprays and a bunch of flowers.
I have to admit, I had everything on hand, 
so look about and see what you may have in your stash.

I also used distress inks and blending tool for the edges.
Antique linen is the color I used.

I took each panel I had and rubbed distress ink around all the edges.
Remember to do on each score mark you have as well.

Next, place your colored cardstock and pattern papers on each panel like so.

Now I took the pieces of burlap and pulled two of the strands from each side.

This is what it looked like after I did that.

The burlap piece goes right in the middle.
It is tough to attach, so I did it by placing glue on the back of where the letter is placed.

I then added distress ink in the color vintage photo on each letter.

Then I added Lindy's stamp gang starburst on top.

Now I attached the letter onto the burlap piece with tombow glue, 
Then added more glue to the back of the burlap piece where the letter is so that I could attach the burlap to each panel.

Next...attach each panel to the scored piece of the panel before it until you come to the end panel.

Now embellish in anyway you like.
I added some flowers to each panel.

As always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger and see more detail.

I love the way this came out.
You can use tags instead of cardstock for each panel as well.

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
This banner made me think of how thankful I am 
for everything I have in my life.
I am truly blessed. 
I think I may do another banner to keep up all year round...blessed.

Thank you all for visiting and thank you for being you.
Remember you are an original and you were born to be that way.
Take care.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Some Fall and a Haul

Hello and Welcome!

So I have purchased some new polishes,
but not many...that I will share with you now.

Went through the clearance rack at K-Mart and found these lovelies!
They were marked down as well...which makes it even better.

 Bonita - Made to Envy, Hooterific and Royal Wishes.
Not sure why they have this brand on sale every time I am there,
but I am not complaining, I love their colors!

These I bought at Walgreens.
I wanted to get the rest of the Bling It On Collection and a couple of others I couldn't pass up.  I love Sinful Colors.

So from left to right...and the Go Batty has little Bat Confetti inside.
Not sure why they went for a turquoise blue with it for Halloween,
but it's cute.

This one was purchased at K-Mart for .74 cents!!!
Purple Petals...all purple glitter in a clear base.

This one I received from a sweet co-worker that knows my nail polish addiction!
This is Electra...a Neon Purple.

Now this one I paid full price (OMG!) because it changes color in the sun!
Of course I had to buy the blue one!!!

It's Just Add Sun - Glitterama

Last but not least...I purchased some decals for Halloween.
And guess what...I did not use them for Halloween.
So I am early for next year!!!

Next I have a couple of Fall Nail art designs I have done so far this season.

So I did a tree...the green is from Zoya

Here's my tree.

Next...this week I did another design for the fall.
I got the brilliant idea from Nailstorming.
This girl is awesome...visit her YouTube page for all of her wonderful designs.

So I started with two coats of Copperhead.

Love this coppery.

 Then I took Holographic Pearls from Revlon and put on a makeup sponge to add to the tip of my nails.
Then added Fairy Dust by China Glaze on half my nail.

Here's a close up of those results.

Here's Revlon's Holographic Pearls and China Glaze Fairy Dust.
Note to self...go to Sally's and pick up another Fairy Dust! LOL!!!

I then applied a top coat and then used acrylic paints 
to make leaves on each side of my nails.

I then used a brown acrylic paint to make the veins of the leaves.

And here's the finished nail with top coat.

Loved this idea.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting.
Hope you enjoyed my Fall designs and Haul.

Until next time...take care!