Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bark-Day, B-earth Day, Bird-Day...Birthday!

I got a bit excited when I finally received some Paper Smooches stamps.
I thought they were the cutest things when I was purchasing them 
and could not wait to use them.  
So once they were in my little hands, 
I had a great time making all of the following cards with them.

This first one - Happy Bark-Day...
I made a little doghouse for the background, thought that was a cute touch.

This one - Happy B-Earth Day...
I thought the beaver was adorable and had to put glitter on his teeth!
Hemp cord is wrapped around making it a bit of a masculine card.

 This one - Happy Bird-Day...
Decided to a bit of paper piecing on the background of this one.

 This one - Birthday Fishes...
I distressed the edges of the paper and gave the fish googly eyes.

I had a lot of fun playing with this set and will definitely
be playing with them more...
so be prepared to see some more cards soon.

 Right now I am trying to get my head into thinking of Holiday cards,
but this year is getting hard. 
Hopefully my block will lift soon and I can get started on the cards
for the end of the year.
Are you all getting ready for the Holidays now?
I know its early, but time flies so fast that before I know it,
the holidays will be upon us.

So for July 4th, Independence Day, I purchased a Sally Hansen Color Frenzy glitter polish of red, white and blue.
I painted my nails red, white and blue and put the glitter
over the white they are.

How did you do your nails for the holidays?
Would love for you to share.
Remember, I LOVE comments!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and take care.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here fishie fishie...

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you...I have posted again!
I know, either I don't post for awhile or you can't get rid of me!
Just think of it as me keeping you on your toes! LOL!!!

I was able to finish a krafty item that I had in my head for a while now
and wanted to share with you.

 It's a box of assorted handmade cards.
I've been thinking of it for so long, but couldn't decide on which kind of cards to include.
I think I may have a good selection, but would love any feedback whatsoever.

 Included in the box:
Three Birthday cards
Two Thinking of You cards
One Congratulations card
One Get Well card
One Thank You card
One Sympathy card
One Love card
(which you can use as an anniversary or such)

 I have also included envelopes for all the cards.
Honestly, I hope you will let me know what you think.
I only put in 10 cards for the it was hard to figure out what to include.

I put this up in my Etsy store and hope that it is a set that people would enjoy.

I also wanted to make something this weekend for my desk at work.
I had an idea and told my hubby...
but I don't think he knew how I was going to accomplish it...
tell you the truth, I didn't know either until I started working on it.

So I told him that I wanted to make a fish tank for my desk at work.
Nothing alive in it...all krafty.

Here's how I started it.
I made two 12" x 6" x 1 1/2" cardboard boxes for the top and bottom.

 Then I used cardboard for the corner pieces and to add the top and bottom in place.

 Next I added clear, frosted, green and blue glass pebbles.
I also added green and blue sea glass.
All of the pieces were hot glued down.

 Here's a closer view.

 Next I stamped and embossed in green, blue and gold a bunch of fish I had.
Then cut them all out.  
I also hot-glued those to the sea glass, 
back and front so that you can see fish from every angle of the tank.
Then I hot glued some small glass bubbles to the ceiling of the tank.

 Finally I added transparency film to each side and closed it off with black cardboard.  
The funniest part of the making of this tank is that most of the materials I have had for so long...
not knowing what I would need them for...until now.
It's crazy how I will purchase items at the various stores I go to, 
and they look cool, 
but I don't have anything in mind for them, 
and then all of a sudden, they are exactly what I need!
I love when that happens!!!

 Here's a closer look at the finished tank.

 Hope you don't mind, but I don't have a manicure this weekend...
too much crafting!!!

Would love to know if you like what I shared with you.
Comment below, I LOVE comments!

Take care and hope to share some more soon!

Pastels and Jewelry

Hello Everyone!
This post was supposed to be posted a while ago, but again...I am a slacker!
But if you follow this blog at all, you knew that already.

Anyway...I have made a new item for my Etsy store that I am rather proud of.
My rendition of a Jewelry Box.
You can use it for just about anything though...
It just reminded me of a jewelry box I had when I was young.
It's made out of all cardboard and card stock, 
along with a bunch of embellishments.
I'd love to hear how you like it...let me know in the comments below.
And as always, you can click on each picture to see them bigger.

Here it is from the front view.
There are 5 drawers that you can hide anything away in.

Here it is with everything opened.
The drawers, the top and the side doors.

A picture of more of the top part.

Here is the top closed where I embellished with rhinestones and flowers.
There are also clear acrylic butterflies in each corner of the lace that I added.

Here's the always, finished too.

Now on to the nail fail that I did.
I, again, saw a great picture on Pinterest of nail art that I wanted to do...
but when I tried it, it did not come out the way I wanted.

I think it came out ok, but the light nails you just can't see the dots...
so I totally didn't like it.
So I decided to start over and here is what I came up with.

I stuck with the pastel colors for the Easter Holiday.
I just went with doing the tips and then did a broken line under each color.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Would love to know what you think.

Take care.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Secret Garden Album...

 In my last post, I showed you the following album that I was working on...

Here is how it ended up.
I decided to make it a bit feminine, which is not my usual style, 
so it was a bit different for me to work on.

I added fibers to the spirals on each end.
Metal Butterflies adorn the cover and a metal chain with a metal key that has the word 'Secret' actually keeps the album closed.

Here you can see the front embellishments a bit closer.

The albums pages fold over each other inside.

 I added places to add photos with various tags.

Here are some of the side tags opened.
This album was a lot of fun to make and I have put it up in my Etsy shop for anyone who would like to give it a home.

I also had a lot of fun doing a wacky design on my nails.
I saw a picture on Pinterest that was close to this 
as far as each nail was different.
I really like the way they came out.

 May have to do this design again soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Take care!!!

Penciling Through...

And the addiction to coloring with pencils goes on...

I have been having a lot of fun trying to muscle through getting a little better coloring with my pencils.  I am loving some of the stamps I have been able to pick up as well.

Here, let me share...

I love this one...reminds me of how I want to be when I grow older.
With my hubby and in love.

 This stamp just so reminds me of me...except for the cat!
Need to find one with a puppy, but I still love it.

 Same stamp...different papers.

 And here's a new stamp I just purchased.
I had no clue that My Favorite Things store is only a half hour away.
Will definitely visit there again.

 I actually thought I had this post scheduled, but that did not happen!  UGH!
Guess I have to work on that more.  LOL!!!

Anyway, I was hoping that this was going to post in March for St. Patrick's Day...
Look, I even had a manicure just for the holiday!!!

With this manicure, I couldn't find where I had a really nice green glitter, so I improvised and used my craft glitter and top coat for the tips of my nails.
Look at that, both of my hobbies combined!

Of course I had to add gold on the accent nail!

Here is a shot of something I am working on...
Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Take care!!!