Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting Punchy

 The cards that I did this time are from an idea I found on Pinterest.
Yes, I kinda love that site.  Helps me with creative blocks I have at times.
You can follow me if you'd like... Krafty's Pinterest
These are very simple to do.
They are regular A2 cards (5.5 x 4.25)
Each strip of colored paper I cut at 1 inch,
 and then punched either a heart or shamrock on the bottom of the strip.
For the card of hearts, I put the strips on a back piece of white since I really wanted the hearts to pop.
The card of shamrocks I just put the strips directly on the card itself.

For this inside of this card, I used a new stamp set I purchased at Hobby Lobby that I believe I will get much use out of since it is just a bunch of words that you can put together to say many things.
Like...I Love You!
Perfect for Valentine's Day...or Just Because.

Here is my Shamrock...or St. Patrick's Day Card.

On the inside, I stamped Happy St. Patrick's Day in Green.
Can't have enough green for St. Patrick's Day, can you?

So my Birthday is in February and my wonderful Husband gave me these BEAUTIFUL flowers.
I am not a big flowers kinda girl, but when he does buy me flowers, 
they are always out of the ordinary...these are no exception.
The bright colors are amazing...especially in the winter, really brightens up the place.

 This is also the Winter Olympics year and month.
I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!
My company has also started sponsoring the Olympics and we had an Olympics viewing at work...
so to show my support...yes, I had to do some nail art for it!
Any excuse, huh? LOL!!!

I even remembered to take a picture of the polish I used for this nail art.
Even though you can achieve this look with any red, white and blue...
or which ever colors you need to show for your country's support.

 I decided to put some extras on this month's blog...hope you don't mind!
I was able to get this new nail polish from Loreal called Pop the Bubbles.
It is not only textured, it has glitter and shine.  I totally love this color.

And one more extra...this book is the new item that I am altering.
Not totally sure what the theme will be, but stay tuned for what I come up with.
I figure I should use some items I purchased and haven't played with yet!


 Again...thank you so much for visiting.
Would love to hear any comments you may have, just leave them below!!!
Take care.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's Color

A new blog post and a new addiction.
For Christmas, my hubby gave me a box of new colored pencils.
Not that I don't have any already...surprise, surprise...
but I wanted a new box of Prismacolor pencil with a bunch of colors.
And now that I have them in my possession, I have not been able to stop coloring!
I have learned the blending technique (kinda) with OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits) and stumps and just having a great time creating some new cards.

Here are some of my new creations:

Butterfly with flowers


Senior Man on Recliner

Senior Lady in Bathtub

Cute little pin-up girl

What I have been truly loving about this is that I feel that I have way more control than with markers.
Also, I have been able to dust off a bunch of stamps that I purchased a long time ago that I just loved, but never knew what to do with them.  It has given my craft room a new life since I have all of these stamps waiting around for me to use but my creative juices were not including them...until now.

Lately, I have not done any nail art...I will try for Valentines Day even though I may not have anything to share this time, watch out for the next post!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and know that if there are any comments, questions or suggestions that you have...please share.  I am more than happy to answer you.  Take care.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

With the New Year I have decided to try and create more cards.
I have enough materials...just ask my husband! LOL!!!
Here are two that I made using Martha Stewart's Butterfly Punch.

With this first one, I punched the butterfly out of various colored cardstock.
I then bent them in the middle a bit so that when I put them on the card, they will 'fly'.
Next,  I created the card base with Kraft cardstock, punched the top-right corner and added a cream colored cardstock that I stamped 'Thinking of You' in the bottom-right corner.
I then took the butterflies and glued the middle and placed them along the left side.
Here's the front of the card.

Side view:

 Here's the inside.
I punched another butterfly and adhered it the same way on top.
Along with stamping a phrase.

 Since I had so much fun doing this card and it came out so well...
I decided to make another one with different colors.
So I punched out the butterflies with metallic colored cardstock and adhered them around.
The card base is a black cardstock with a gray cardstock on top with a stamped phrase.

 Side view:

Here is the inside.
Again, I added a punched butterfly to the top and stamped a phrase on the bottom.

 As usual...I have also done a manicure for the holidays.
It unfortunately didn't last long since it got messed up right after I took the picture below...
But I did get the picture! LOL!!!
Pretty base with glitter tips and accent nail.
Thought it was festive!

Again...I wish you all that you hope for in the New Year.
I am hoping to create and blog more...but I think I hope for that each year! LOL!!!
Take care and love to you all!