Sunday, January 10, 2016

Have A Ball

Hello and Welcome!!!

I stated in earlier posts that I was actually crafting a lot in November and December, but couldn't share since they were presents.

Well, the holidays are over now and I did take pictures of what I made...
So I figured I would share with you to give you some ideas for
either Christmas or Birthday presents throughout the year.

Here are the materials I used to make these Foot Soak ornaments.
I got the idea from YouTube...NurseTara04  (thank you!)

The glass ornaments I purchased at Michael's last year on clearance.
I knew I wanted to do something with them,
and at like 75% off...why not pick some up?
The Peppermint Epsom Salt I picked up at Walgreens.
The sequin trim (I wound up not using, but purchased at Target $1 spot).
The bling stickers I picked up at Staples a while back.
They were on clearance for .50 cents!
So see...not at all expensive!

I poured the foot soak into the ornament,
added a ribbon on the top...some bling to the sides and there you go!
The ornaments I picked up at Dollar General.

The swirl bling I had in my stash already.
So, not much in cost for a little item that
I gave to a couple of people for the holidays.

Next, I made some post-it note purses.
These post-it notes I picked up at Dollar General (2 pads for $1.00)

The paper, ribbon and pearls were in my stash.
I just made a template for this and started making a bunch.

Here is the purse opened up.
I added a piece of velcro on the inside to close the purse.

I think they came out adorable.

So for almost no cost at all except for a few items,
and for us crafters...stuff we have on hand,
I was able to make a few gifts.

I hope you enjoyed these,
let me know below in the comments.

Take care and thank you so much for visiting!

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