Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gotta keep them separated!

Hello and Welcome!

This weekend I wanted to organize my pencils.
Since I use them more than my markers,
I wanted something portable instead of the way I have my markers stored.

As you can see, I had my pencils all together.
Prismacolor, Watercolor, Pastels and so on.
This drove me nuts when coloring an image trying to find what I needed.
So I thought of what I wanted for my pencil needs and came up with this...

Yes, you do see toilet paper rolls, a baby wipes box and some cardboard.
I decided that I wanted to use some recycling for this since everything
I could find online was just not going to work for me at all.
I want it compact, portable and organized.

So I did have to dress up the box a bit, couldn't leave it the way it was!

So here she is in all her glory and I am so happy with it!!!
Isn't she cute?

So I was able to fit five paper rolls vertically in the box.
I put two rows of the five paper rolls and divided each row 
with cardboard to make it even more stable.
This allowed me to separate my watercolor pencils on one side 
and my colored pencils on the other.
This also allowed me to separate them into color groups and as always,
I went by the good old standby...the rainbow.  ROYGBIV.
This makes my life so easy now to find exactly what I need while creating
and not having to go through so much to find what I am looking for.

In the middle I was able to put my gamsol, a drink mix container that has my paper stumps, then I put two other paper for my file and gel pens for finishing projects and the back one has all of my metallic pencils.
Since I do not have any metallic watercolor pencils, I was able to put some brushes back there as well.
So now I have everything I need to color my images in one place!

I was thinking of making one that includes my markers.
I may do that in the future...but as I have stated, I don't really use them as much as my
I will have to save up some more paper rolls!!!

I did not 'fix' everything in there so that I can play with it as
I work with it more.
But so far so good this weekend.

I hope you enjoy this idea and hope it helps you think outside the box as you are needing something for your supplies.

Let me know below if you have any suggestions or comments on my holder.

Take care!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Sinful Colors Neon


So if you know me at all, I don't usually get on a soapbox about anything.
I feel that everyone's opinions are correct because they are yours 
and how you feel.  
I cannot change how anyone feels in their heart, 
just as no one can change me...
although I do try to be open-minded enough to see others ideas 
and possibly agree with what they may show me.
I am not the type of person that watches the news on a daily basis,
I do not keep up with current events...this being said,
I know I am very naive when it comes to any of these subjects because I don't keep up with them.
BUT...I choose to not watch them.
I choose to not be drawn in to negative media.
I choose to only live in my little bubble world of happiness.
If this makes me foolish, unintelligent, simple-minded, and any other word you would like to add, I gladly accept.
I am old enough now to realize that I only have one life to live 
and it can end at any time.  
In that time, I want to determine what my brain obtains.
I want to accomplish having an upbeat outlook on life and in order for me to do that I will not subject myself to detrimental correspondence.
Think of me as you will...but I am allowed to live my life the way I choose to.

This being said, I am keeping up with my nonsensical blog of creativity
whether anyone wants me to or not, because it is a part of me.
Even though I may not have a huge following, actually, ANY kind of following...
I do it for ME!
I love going back and seeing how I have improved on 
various ways I love to create.
I am happy that any one comes to visit and 
I appreciate anyone taking any time out of their day to stop by.
I thank you!!!

Ok, so let's get on with the Summer Sinful Colors Neon Collection.

These are part of the Neon Collection, I did not purchase them all.
Sinful Colors, from left to right:
The Bright Thing
Rays of Bright
Vivid A Try
Bright To The Point
Neon and On

 And that is how I put them on my nails below...
on top of a white nail polish base coat with two coats.
Yes, they are not "POP" neon...I was rather disappointed in that.
But I do like the colors, but not in a Neon way.

Here is each nail by themselves for you to see closer.


 So, since I was disappointed with it, instead of taking it off
I decided to use another nail item I purchased but haven't been able to use yet.
Fun Fingrs Spotted.
I was a bit disappointed with this as well.
I thought it was supposed to just give you spots all over your nails,
but instead it also cracks like the crackle nail polish does.
So I think I may use this around Halloween time 
since that's when I use my crackle nail polish...
it just reminds me of something eerie.

Thank you so much for sticking with me...
even after my 'rant', I guess you'd say!
My last bit of advice, from my heart...
Live your life the way you want to,
the way you see fit to make you happy.
Life is short and although I want to believe 
that this life is not all we have in store,
I wish to live this life with a smile on my face 
and hope to put one on yours as well!
Take care all!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chubby Chums Cards

 Hello and Welcome!!!

I had a lot of fun playing with the Paper Smooches Chubby Chums Stamp set.
I love this set, I think the chubby, little animals are adorable!!
 A bit like me...chubby and adorable!!!  LOL!!!
 I had some birthday cards to make, 
so I had a bit of fun playing with them.

 This one I stamped on white card stock after masking them.
(Yes, I am still having fun masking...LOL!!!  
I am always so late on the crafting bandwagon!)
Then after coloring them with pencils, 
I cut out part of the animals so they stayed on the card stock.
I then added Glossy Accents to their eyes and stamped Happy Birthday.
I then added it to a teal colored card stock and stamped some hearts on the inside of the card before adding white card stock to the inside as well.

With this card I only stamped three of the cuties,
again colored them with pencils and placed on yellow polka-dot paper.
Then I placed it on a white card base and stamped
'friends make the world a better place'.
I also used glossy accents on the eyes.

This card measures 7" wide so that I could get all of the Chubby Chum together.
Again, colored with pencils and used an MFT sentiments stamp that says
'Happy Birthday from the whole herd'.
I also used glossy accents on the eyes.

Instead of masking the animals, I stamped them and cut them out.
I did color them again with pencils and used glossy accents on the eyes.
I used a Doodlebug background pattern paper to a white card stock base.
I then stamped a balloon, Happy Birthday and a present on white card stock
and placed it on a piece of hot pink card stock for one side of the card base.
Then I placed all of the animals onto the other side.
I added some rhinestones to complete the card.
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!
Take care!