Friday, December 24, 2010

Buon Natale...

I just wanted to drop a note and say Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays to all of my sweet friends!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Damn, I amaze myself! LOL!!!

I could have sworn that I updated my blog lately, but I guess not.  I have done a bunch of stuff and I thought I already posted it, but it seems that I didn't, so I guess no time is better than the present!

I have finally finished AND mailed my Christmas cards.  I had a bunch of fun doing them.

I got the idea for this one from a gift tag I received last year and knew I wanted to do something with it when I received it.  Here's the gift tag I received...
It had ribbon for the laces with a bell on the ends, but I needed to take the tag apart to try and replicate it.  I then made a template, scanned it, tweeked it, made it an .svg file so I could use my Cricut machine to cut out a bunch of them for the cards.  Here's how the card turned out...
I added ribbon for the laces and put pom-poms on the end with some bling in the middle.  I also made a tag to go inside the skate with our Christmas sentiments.

If you'd like the .svg file for the skate, you can download here until 12/25/10.  Skate SVG File

Next I made a Rudolph card.  I received the .svg file for this on Scrapcation Getaway.
I glittered up his nose and his collar, then stamped the sentiment and matted on red glitter paper.

Whew...can't believe I actually got some cards made this year.  Every year I want to make cards, and keep reminding myself during the year, but the holidays creep up and I go and buy them instead.  I think the investment in the Cricut was a wise choice and so glad I was able to get one.  It has made life a bit easier so far.

I have also made a couple more .svg files...all by myself!!!  It's a bit time-consuming, but I needed a fireplace for a craft I am doing (along with a bunch others) but don't have a file for one and couldn't find one either.  I also will not buy a cartridge just for one or two I thought I would try my hand at it since I made the skate one, I thought maybe I could do this as well.

Here's a Brick Fireplace...
Here's the file for it...only up until 12/25/10.  Brick Fireplace SVG File

Then I also made a Wood Fireplace...
Here's the file for it...again, only up until 12/25/10.  Wood Fireplace SVG File

I would LOVE for you to let me know how you like/dislike the files.  Let me know if you would like me to keep sharing what I make or just keep to myself.  I'd appreciate ANY feedback whatsoever!!!

So I am trying to finish all of my crafts that I making people for the holidays and I am totally hoping I can get them done.  I do have some vacation, but have been watching some old classic movies instead!!! LOL!!! Oh well...maybe before the New Year! LOL!!!

I will try to blog again before the New Year, but if I don't...I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and wonderful holiday season!!!  Take care all!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Craftin' for Christmas...

So this weekend we get an extra hour of sleep...or in my case, and extra hour of crafting!
I have gotten "Halloweened" out, so it's on to Christmas.  And with the weather here in Florida finally dipping down a bit, I can get into the winter holidays.  That's also the reason for the New "Fallish" Background!!!
With finances being tight everywhere, I thought this year I will make as many gifts as I can for various friends and family.  I hope they don't mind.

I first made this exploding box...I got the idea from Kathy at PaperPhenomenon.  She made a Halloween one, but as I said earlier, I am "Halloweened" out! LOL!!!  So I went for a gingerbread house.  I am totally loving the SCAL program with my Cricut...that's how I made all the embellishments. I still have a lot of learning, but so far, so good.

I also made a Recipe Box for someone at work.  I hope they like it.  It was a lot of fun to do, and I got the idea from Laura at FollowingThePaperTrail.  She is another artist that inspires me...please visit her when you have a chance and let her inspire you as well!  I did change some things, but most of it is the same as hers.

Well, that's all for this weekend.  Can't wait for the week to go by so I can create a bit more.  Still have Christmas cards to make!  I always say I will make them early, but it never happens!

Take care everyone and thank you for stopping by!  Remember, I LOVE comments, so please leave one and tell me what you think of what I am doing!  Thank you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Crapola!!!

LMAO!  There are a couple of reasons for the title of this blog entry.  First is, wow, it has taken me a while to post again, but the reason for that is...First my external hard drive went wonky on me.  Which is where I had EVERYTHING!  Every picture, every piece of music (over 17,000 songs), every program, every website I take care of (my second job) other words...EVERYTHING!  After bringing it to two different places (the first place we won't mention because they took their sweet-ass time with it and then only to discover everything was gone at the second place after having a major fight at the first place...yes, long story) EVERYTHING was GONE!  So I had to start from scratch and try and get everything I could back.  I purchased a new external hard drive and started on my journey of grabbing and downloading everything I could.  BUT...all the photos that I had, I can never get back.  UGH!  Family photos, concert photos and such that I hadn't had time to print out...GONE.  That hurt the most.
The music I was able to backload from my that was all saved.
The programs and websites I was able to get and backload from the that was all saved.
SOME of the photos I had on Facebook so I have started to grab what I could, but that is still going to take awhile.'s the next reason for the absence.
My computer broke!  And it was all my fault!  I banged into the desk where I keep it, it fell and flipped and busted the monitor!  So to fix the monitor on my precious laptop would have cost almost the same amount of money as a new one, so I went with a new one and had to start moving stuff off the old to the new.
Did I say UGH yet?????
In between all this, I have been a little sick, hubby has been sick and work has been crazy (but that's usual).
So I finally have gotten things calmed down a bit and have even been able to go to a couple of concerts and craft!!!
I was able to go to the Tears for Fears concert in Downtown Orlando and it was a blast!!!
It was on August 28th and the concert was FREE!!!!!
Here are some pics that I was able to get!

The one and only...Curt Smith

And Roland Orzabal

Then...on October 9th I got to go see some of the top Freestyle Singers of the Eighties!
Yes, I am showing my age a bit, but I don't care...I loved every minute of it!

Coro - Where are you tonight my Love?

Afrika Bambataa - Planet Rock

Johnny O and Cynthia - Dream Boy

Shannon - Let the music play

Safire - Don't break my heart

Stevie B - Spring Love and Dreaming of Love

So when's the next concert?  LOL!!!
To know me is to know I love ALL MUSIC and love going to concerts!
Can't wait til the next one!

Ok, so now on to the crafts I have been making....I haven't been able to make a lot, but slowly but surely I am getting back into it again!
This was a purse made out of the Dollar Spot Cards found at Michaels.
I got the idea from Kathy at Paper can find her blinkie on the side of my page...
I love all of her work, please go visit her when you get a chance and want to be inspired!

Next up, I have been working on a Haunted House mini-album for Halloween.
Another creation inspired by Kathy at Paper Phenomenon.
I still have a bunch to finish and will update you when I am done, but here it is so far.
It is made out of a paper mache house I bought at Hobby Lobby!

Here is the outside...made with a bunch of items that I cut with my new little toy that my hubby bought me because of all the fiascos I have been going through...a Cricut Create!
I am LOVING this machine!
I bought SCAL - Sure Cuts a Lot program with it and am having a ball...anyone want to help out a newbie???  Would love all the help I can get!

This is the inside...where I will be placing more ghoulish items and my mini album.

Ok, I think I may have caught up on what's going on with me...but I promise to be back again...soon!
Oh, and please Follow me and my blog by hitting the Silver Follow button on the side and you will be updated when I update here.

Take care everyone!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The writings on the wall...

This weekend I actually was able to get some crafting done, and that makes me a happy camper! LOL!!!
Since it's back to school time, composition books are everywhere and on sale.  Was able to get a bunch at Wal-Mart for 25 cents a piece, so I could make everyone some password/journal books.  And they are so easy to do.

Here are the ones I did for my nieces, not sure what they will use them for, so I didn't label them.  I'll let them do that.

Then I made one for Steve...he's always fixing things, and I am sure he will use this for his passwords, so that's what I made it for.

The next one I made for hubby...I LOVE the paper I found at Joann's yesterday.  It's called 'It's a Guy Thing' by DCWV.  It's so hard to make things for guys, but this paper really helps.

I also started doing a canvas piece, but am not even close to finishing that.  It's going to be a dedication to none other than ME! LOL!!!  It's going to be tough because it's so hard to describe yourself and not seem like you are being assuming.  But I am asking my family and friends to help me along, so I can't wait to get into it.  Unfortunately, it is already Sunday and I have to get ready for the work week, so my crafting time is over for this weekend.  But I do hope to get back into it next weekend again.

I was also able to finish up my ATC's for my July swap for a group that I belong to...Your Paper Pantry.  I am so happy to be able to get them out this week.  July's theme was Patriotic.  I even made my own red, white and blue embossing powder for them.

I also received my June ATC's which theme was My Style.  So here's mine that I made and the jigsaw puzzle pieces I embossed myself.

Ok, that's my update for this week.  I hope you are all having a great weekend and hope to blog soon!
Take care!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another weekend goes by...

And unfortunately, I was not feeling very good on Saturday, so no crafting for me.  Mostly laying in bed watching stupid TV.  I hate that...when I have so much in my head that I want to do, but my body says..."nope, you are not doing a thing".  UGH!  Oh well...can't do anything about it.
But today I did get up a bit early and started crafting right away.  I started a Mini-Album for my bestest friend Dawn.  She gave me the idea when she was over last weekend and said that we need to take more pictures together, that we don't have many of us.  Even though we both HATE getting our picture taken, we decided that we will try to take more of us together.  I did go through all of the pictures I have and we don't have many, but we do have some.  Most of them are from our various concert adventures.  Wild how we have known each other now for over 30 years and we only have a handful of pictures.  We definitely need to change that.  But anyway...I decided to do a mini-album for her of what pictures of us I do have.
There is one problem...I am stuck.  I mean I decided on the pages, and even covered them with paper, which was a task in itself.  I had to do each page and sandpaper the edges, then do the other side and sandpaper the edges again since the sizes were so wacky.  But that is done and some of the pages are done, I am at a stand still though.  I don't really have a lot of embellishments and would love any suggestions you may have.

So, I would love any help you can give, it would be most appreciated.
Here's to another work week and getting to the weekend fast!!!
Take care!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One more for the road...

Hello Everyone!!!
I had all these plans for today, my last day of vacation, but no...I wake up with a bad tummy and wound up staying in bed most of the morning.  I did get some energy up by late afternoon and made some, or tried to make some ribbon roses.  I think it came out ok, but I have to practice a bunch more.

Here's my attempt...(picture didn't come out so great)

I guess I really can't complain about going back to will be Thursday, and then Friday...then the weekend is back!  I really plan to only do two things over the weekend, I want to make at least one mini-album and I really want to clean up our guest room.  Our family is planning on coming by soon and I hate waiting til the last minute (Like I usually do! LOL)
I did have a great vacation, I got to craft and make a bunch of things that I have been wanting to, but hadn't yet.  I got to hang out with my bestest friend, which we haven't in WAY TOO LONG...and I got to relax, which I always do! LOL!!!

Ah yes, I changed it up a bit around here too...tell me if you like it.  For some reason I can not get the header to leave and for the picture header to I figured I'd leave them both!  Maybe I will figure that out one day.

Ok, I guess I better get to some sleep...back to being up at 5 a.m. and back home by 6 p.m....such fun.
Weekend here we come!!!

Take care!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flowers really do intoxicate me...

Hello Everyone!!!
Today was my 'Flower Day'.  I have watched so many YouTube videos and searched so many blogs throughout the months and saw so many flower techniques I decided to try my hand at it.

So here is my version of 'mammatiffy' on YouTube's Destiny Flower:

That was my first one, and I know you can see the hot glue, but for my first try I think it came out well.
Next time, lighter on the glue though! LOL!!!
For someone that does NOT work with material, and does NOT was pretty easy.
I did not have a die-cut to do the circles, I just made a template with my circle cutter of a two and three inch circle and cut the material around them.

So now on to the Tomiko Flower...

I glued these two together and added them to an altered Lunchbox tin I also made today.

Here it is before I altered it...

As it looks now...

Which brings me on to the next flower I made...The Lollipop Flower.  I followed Arlene - 'My Butterfly Kisses' on YouTube.

Now, I do not have all the goodies that everyone else has for these...but I don't think it came out so bad for my first try.  You definitely need a long handled lighter though!!! LOL!!!
I only have white material so that is why all of my flowers I did today are white, but they were all so easy that I will have to get some different colors asap!  I also would like to get some sequins.  Enablers...all of you!!!  LOL!!!
Anyway, I did find some gold beaded vines I had in my stash...and I bought a while back some white petals from Michaels (even though I had no idea what I was going to use them for) and misted them with Blue Smooch spray.  I did try with Glimmer mist, but it didn't penetrate as much as the Smooch.  And I only have blue leaves it is!  Have to improvise, I guess.

So after the material flowers, I decided to try one more flower...the Tim Holtz GrungePaper Flower.

First let me say, I do not have a 6-petal flower die-cut or punch.  I honestly do not have many die-cuts or punches at all.  (another thing on my wish list).  So I made a template again, and tried my hand at it.

I used my Blue Glimmer Mist (yes, I get everything in blue, my favorite color) and also added some Clear Stickles.  I want to do this once more, and I think that hot glue would actually be better and faster than Glossy will have to try my hand at it again soon.

Whew...I told you it was my day of flowers!!!
Tomorrow is my last day of vacation, so I am not sure what I will try tomorrow.  Decisions, Decisions...LOL!!!  Guess I will search around YouTube tonight and see what I may try tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, would love any comments you may have!!!
Take care!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Money For Nothing...

Hello Everyone!!!
Well lately it seems that I have to just dedicate my blog to Laura at The Paper Trail!!!  She is an awesome creator and artist.  I decided to do her Purse Mini-Album and I think it came out great!  I am sending it to someone and I hope they enjoy it.
Here's the link to my YouTube video showing it.

I also did a tutorial on a paper bag background paper.  Sounds kind of redundant, doesn't it?
But it's a quick way to make a metallic paper that you can use to wrap chipboard.  Hope you like it.
And I even speak in this YouTube Video!!!  I know, calm down...LOL!!!

I have been having a lot of fun making mini-albums.  It's a whole new world to this rubber-stamper/scrapbooker and I am loving it!  I wish I could quit my day job and be able to craft all day, everyday!
Thank you so much for stopping by and take care!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Your Kicks...On Route 66!

Hello Everyone!
This past weekend, I was able to get a mini-album that I had been wanting to do...done.  It's based on two mini-albums that I had the pleasure of learning from by Laura at The Paper Trail.  I melded her Purse Mini-Album (Laptop Bag) and her 3-ring Mini-Album into a Suitcase Mini-Album for my niece Tina which has gone to so many places around the world.  I hope she likes it and uses it well.
I also did a quick video for this so you can see everything that is included.  

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope that I can create and share more with you soon.  Take care.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creating Challenges

This weekend was totally awesome!!!  I know I only seem to talk about my weekends, and that's because I work a full-time job all week, consisting of at least 50 hours with 2 hours of traveling a day, so there is no creating time til the weekend.
One of my doggies, Sweet Pea, woke me up Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m., so off to the studio I went.  I have entered two swaps on Y.P.P. (Your Paper Pantry) and was able to finish 90% of my Travelogue.  Next weekend I will try to start on my other, which are ATC's.  Can't wait!
I also decided to join in on the fun at Trina's Life is Scraptastic Blog Challenge for June!  It's her second one and since I have joined since the beginning (her first one...LOL!) I decided to try my hand at her new challenge.

The challenge was to may a 12 x 12 Layout with the colors: Pink, Green and Black.
I actually didn't know if I could do it, but I found my niece's pictures from her Communion and her sister was wearing a pink and green dress...WHAT LUCK! LOL!!!
It was a lot of fun to do, and can't wait for the next challenge!



Now it's back to work time tomorrow and creating will be on hold until the weekend.
Take care everyone!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Boy Lunch Bag Mini Album

This weekend was rather productive.  Not only did I get a challenge done, I also created a Lunch Bag Mini Album for a co-worker.  His wife is also a scrapbooker, so I thought she may appreciate it.  I am totally in love with making these mini albums now.
I even ventured out this weekend and made my first YouTube video for this album.  I see some things I may have to do for the next video. (Getting ahead of myself already! LOL!) But not bad for the first one.

Ok, this is going to be a short one...just to promote my video! LOL!!!
But I will get more blogging done in the future, now that I am getting the hang of all of this.
Thanks for indulging me.

My Alcohol Ink Tile

I have been totally addicted to YouTube videos and UStream videos of various tutorials and techniques for all kinds of Paper Crafts. As I have been searching and trying each tutorial, I have been making so many different pieces of art, but am still missing the 'human effect'. I mean, I have been loving all the crafts I have been creating, but I am from a different generation I guess, and the technological side of watching a video and creating by myself is leaving a lot missing. So I have decided to at least try some of the challenges that I can.
One girl that I have been following - LifeIsScrapTastic - has challenged everyone to an Alcohol Altered Tile. I used her technique to do the tile, along with another technique that she showed me which was the Tim Holtz technique of splattering alcohol inks. So that's how I did the background of the tile and then stamped with Staz-on two different stamped images...then topped it all off with Modge Podge. It was a lot of fun...and I want to thank Trina for making me move myself to do this.
I am also including some tiles I did a while back with Brilliance inks...more muted colors than the alcohol inks. Next weekend I think I will try doing some more.

Here's my alcohol ink tile - DREAM


Last Dance - This one I did a while back


My 9-11-01 tribute to my hometown


Another New York Tile


Artsy Women


Well, here they are...I have also been able to do a baby album that I did for a fellow co-worker. I made my first video of it, and may even post it on YouTube...but not so sure. I am such a dweeb at times...I know. Anyway, thanks for the technique and the challenge.