Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm so excited...

and I just can't hide it!
Now do you have that song in your head like I do?

So last week I posted how I had an interview for an extra
job at work and I was nervous about the whole experience.
Although I feel in my head that I am still in my twenties...
My real age is something totally different.
It is believed, at times, that the older you get,
you are too set in your ways to start something new.
You should be planning on retirement
or just settled in what you are doing in life.
My experience has been that when I was younger I had more obstacles in my personal life that I had to try and overcome, that I could not focus on what I wanted to do with my occupation until much later in life.
Now that I am settled and more knowledgeable of my assets,
I want to broaden my horizons a bit.  
I want to try new things or at least try for them.
Unfortunately, I was not able to go to college right out of high school.
I took some college classes, but nothing to write home about.
I could not think of what I wanted to do as far as 
'what I wanted to be' when I was younger.  
I had to go to work right away to help out at home with my mom being a single mom and our grandparents living with us.
I could not think of what I wanted to do, I just had to do to survive.
It was not me looking for my dream job, it was me looking for employment.
As my life carried on, there were many factors that made me do what I had to do to carry on.  I did not have control over my own destiny, 
I had to comply with outside forces to just try and make it through.
Now that I am older, I am secure and settled in my personal life.
I can now think of what new and exciting things I may want to do.
Although others may think that getting older means that you can't start or try anything new, I just keep in mind my husband's Aunt Tessie.
She was 80 years old and received her Master's degree.
You are never too old to do anything.
Your courage, determination and power from within will let you do anything you want to.  Just pull from that and you can go far.
In so saying all of this...I was accepted to join Lean Six Sigma at work!
I know that this is just a six month project, but it is something new that I get a chance to embark on and to wrap my head around.
So now starts my training.
I get to visit Chicago where our corporate office is, for three different weeks.
And the first week of training is only 2 1/2 weeks away!!!
So much to do, so little time.
But that is part of the fun!!!

Keeping up with the Valentine theme, I made a cascading card this weekend.
I even made some screen shots of how to do it for you as well.
I hope you try it out as it is simple and very different.

Take two 8" x 6" sheets of card stock and mark each at the 6" side, at 3".

Then turn the card stock so that the 3" mark you made is sitting in your cutter,
diagonally so that the other end of the card stock has the corner sitting in your cutter as above picture.

This is what the card stock should look like after you have made your cut.

Here's both pieces of card stock after cut.

Now scor both pieces at 2", 4" and 6".

Now fold both sheets to look like above.

Here's a look at them from above.

Now cut one side as shown above.
You are only cutting half way up.

With the other piece of card stock, cut as shown above.
Again, halfway up.

Now you slide the two sides together at the slits you just cut.
It will show as above.

Here it is folded down.

Now on to covering with paper.
You and cover all sides, or just cover as shown below.

Here's the one I finished.
Here it is standing up.

I hope you try this card out,
it really is a lot of fun to make

I would love to see if you try it,
let me know in the comments!

I also did a Valentine Manicure this weekend.

Nothing spectacular, but fun!!!

Take care!