Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tri-Shutter Card

Hello and Welcome!

I have another card design for you.
This one is the Tri-Shutter Card.
I even made a template for it below.
As always, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

This card design has a lot of cutting and folding,
but it is so worth it.

So here are all the dimensions.

This one shows you all the cuts and folds to make.

Here it is all 'dolled up'.
You can use this design for any occasion and it will WOW anyone you give it to.

Now here it is standing up.
It really is an awesome card and you can have such fun with it.
I hope you try it as well.

If you do, let me know down below.
If there are any other designs you would like me to try, let me know as well.

Take care!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Get This Glitter Off Of Me

I have a bit of a review on a couple of products I purchased to remove glitter polish from my nails and wanted to share my findings with you.

Lately, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that showed a 
gel glitter remover that was getting some mixed reviews 
and wanted to try in out for myself.  
So off to Walmart I went and I did see the product there, 
but I also found two others and decided to try them out instead 
and see if I could get any better results and share them with you.

So here are the two items I purchased.
NYC had this product called 'Strip Me Off'.
They are under two dollars so I bought the last two they had.
The other item is Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel.

Image result for gel glitter nail polish remover
It was right next to this product,  Nail Aid 1st Acetone Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel, which is the one I have seen on YouTube,
but decided to try this one instead and see if it was any better.

Here are the items I purchased up close:
As always, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.

NYC Strip Me Off

 Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel

Here are the directions.
1. Apply 'gelled' solution generously to nails.
2. Let sit for two minutes.
3. Wipe away with cotton ball.

 This is the nail polish I decided to use for this test.
It's Pure Ice Over You.
It has a lot of glitter in a clear base, 
so I thought this may be good for this review.

 On my left hand I used the NYC Strip Me Off.
It goes on like a nail polish and it's cloudy when first applied.

 It then turns clear when dry.

 I then painted my nail with my glitter polish.
It does have a lot of glitter in it and this is only one coat.
I then let all my nails dry.

 I took an orangestick and from the cuticle side,
I started to peel the nail polish way.

 It peeled all the way to the edge and it was all gone!

 The whole hand was easy to do and all of it came off!
This product gets a total thumbs up from me!

 Next, I painted my right hand.
For some reason, it seemed as if the right hand didn't get as filled with glitter as it did with the NYC Strip Me Off on it.
Maybe the product also helps stick more glitter to your nail.
Just a little observation.

 Anyway...I opened the Gel Remover and it looks exactly like the NailArt brand, but it does smell like Coconut from the Coconut Oil in it, so that was a plus!

 I decided to put it on with a brush so that I wouldn't get the residue all over my fingers and I put it on pretty thick.

 Here it is on my fingers and it was cold on my nails.
This was another observation that the girls on YouTube 
mentioned about the other product.

 Set my timer for 2 minutes...

 Time is up!!!

When I went to take off the polish and product...
this is what I was left with on each finger.

Rather disappointing.
But...I do have to say that after I did this to each nail,
I then took a cotton pad and added non-acetone remover and when I went to take off the rest that was left on my nails, it was rather easy to take off.
So I am wondering if next time I should leave it on longer 
and put more on each nail...maybe then it will work better.

After using both products though, it seems that the NYC Strip Me Off
is the item that I would use over and over again.
It was easy to put on, it felt like it had more glitter stuck to it
and it was so easy to get the polish off without any chemicals.

I am going to give the gel remover another chance at one point,
but I am also going to find more NYC Strip Me Off and purchase all I can!!!

I am so happy that I can now wear more of my glitter polishes and make them as dense as I want because I have an easy way of getting them clean!

If you have any products that you know of, let me know below.
I hope this has been a bit helpful to you!

Take care and let your glitter shine!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Walk this way...Side-Step Card


I have a quick card design to show you.

I wanted to again try some new ways to make cards and got a bit hooked on the Side-Step card and even made a template!

As always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

After making the template, I went to work on making a card.
Here I am using a bright yellow base card.
This is looking at the card from the front.

Here it is looking at it from the side.

I added some patterned background paper, 
I also added an embossed panel of flowers.
A die cut of 'smile' with a stud is placed on the back panel.

After playing with the above card, I decided to get another card going.
I think this stamp set is adorable...and it was fun to color.

I even added some twine for the dog leash.
Some glitter and puffy pens add some glimmer here and there.

I hope you try out this different way of making a card.
It's fun to change it up every once in a while and this one is easy to do.

If there are any card designs you would like me to try out...let me know.

Take care!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June Nail Polish Haul

I think it's because I re-organized my nail polish that I totally got into purchasing some more, which you can read about here.
Or it could just be that I can't pass it up, so I had to get them.
Either way, I bought some new polishes within the last two weeks and wanted to share with you what I got.
(As always, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Not bad for approximately $40.00 which includes 20 bottles of nail polish, glitter remover and a big bottle of Out The Door Top Coat.

 Here are two different ways to take your glitter nail polish off.
I so want something nice and easy since I LOVE ALL glitter nail polish,
but HATE to take it off, so I don't wear it that often.
I plan on doing a review for you on these, so wish me luck!

 I got the KleanColor Holo polish collection off of Amazon.
This is my first polish from KleanColor and am 
hoping they are as pretty on as in the bottles.
The naming of the colors are rather bland:
L-R: Holo Chrome, Holo Blue, Holo Green, Holo Pink, Holo Orange and you guessed it...Holo Yellow.

 I found these new Wet N' Wild polishes at Walmart for .93 cents each.
I have not tried the new ones, and at that price...why not?
L-R: Grape Minds Think Alike, Casting Call, She Sells, Kaleidoscope, which I have in the old formula and love using as a topper, so I want to see if the formula stayed the same or not.

 Another find at Walmart...I love Sinful Colors.
I wish they would come out with more and more,
but you can't have everything.
This color caught my eye and I am not a red person...
this one is called No Text Red.

 Another line of nail polish that I do not have any of.
Pure Ice.  I have only seen it at Walmart and usually at our store
the display is so messed up that I don't even want to take the time to look.
But this one caught my could it not?
It's called Over You and it is a clear base with micro purple, bar purple and large blue and large blue glitters.

 See Spot Run is the name of this one by Fing'rs.
It says it is a spotted Top Coat...we shall see how it works out.

 These were at my Walgreen's on clearance, so how could I pass them up?
I actually got a couple of other colors a couple of weeks ago when they first went on clearance and like the formula, so I wanted to get some more before they were all gone.
L-R: Oyster Bar, Kelp Out, Statemint and Scale Up which looks like an awesome top coat of Holo and Greenish flakies.

I also stocked up on my favorite Quick Dry Top Coat Out The Door.
I found a great deal on Amazon, which was way cheaper than at Sally Beauty so I had to do it...especially when I was almost out.

I hope you don't mind me sharing some of the finds I bought.
I will be back with some reviews of what I got.

If there is something in particular that you would like me to either swatch, review, comment on or help out with, please let me know.
I would love to know what you would like to see.

Take care!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict TAG

Here's a quick post for you...well kinda!
I was checking out some of my nail polish youtubers,
and there seems to be a TAG going around.
So I figured that I could join in as well, but on my blog.
I only usually purchase drugstore brands,
so my knowledge of all the polishes out there is quite limited. it goes.


1. What color are you wearing right now?
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue 
with an accent nail topped with Sinful Colors Baila Baila

2. What nail product can't you live without?
My INM Out the Door Top Coat
LOVE this item to help dry my nails quicker and such shine.

3.What is your favorite nail brand?
And I say toughie because there are SO MANY nail brands that I have not tried so I am going to have to say Sinful Colors.
I actually love the formula and even though they don't come out with new colors as fast as I would want, 
they do surprise me with something new every once in a while.

4. What shape nail do you wear?
My nails are square-ish.  
Not quite Squoval because they are not that curved at the ends, 
but not rough square ends either.

5. What's your go to Red, Pink & Neutral Nail Polish?
Red - Under 18 - Sinful Colors
Pink - Wink, Wink - Poparazzi
Neutral - Broadway Boogie - Loreal

6. Short or Long Nails?
 I like my nails long.

7. What Nail Polish colors are on your nail wishlist?
 I would love to try some of the Indie nail polishes, 
but I can't see spending the money for them.
Maybe one day.

8. When do you paint your nails, morning, afternoon or evening?
 On the weekends, the afternoon.
During the week, the evening.

9. What's your top nail tip you swear by?
 Don't use your nails as tools.
Use something else to open your soda or pick a label off an item.

10. What nail polish do you regret buying?
Color Club Scented Collection
The Formula really let me down on this collection 
and I usually love Color Club...
Except for these.

11. Neon or Pastel?
I love both.  Depends on my mood.

12. What's your favorite color right now, you wear all the time?
 Sinful Colors Endless Blue...LOVE this color.  
Bought an extra one just in case I cannot find it again!

Extra Question...13. What color category do you gravitate towards the most?
Mine would be blue...and I really try to not buy a blue when I see it consciously...but I just can't walk away without it!

So I am tagging all of my friends that may read my blog 
and love nail polish as I do.  
Join in and let me know what your answers are...
you can even do it in the comments below...
would love to hear from you!
Take care.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I got a habit I just can't quit

 I can't believe it's June already...where has the time gone?
Well, here at my house, 
it's been taking care of our little seven pound puppy.
It's been a full time job to keep her off her leg for eight weeks 
and separated from our other two dogs 
which we have been trying to pay attention to also.
It has been hard and stressful for us both, 
but I kept trying to remember how
she must feel, poor thing.
Then she not only had the broken leg, 
because she was so stressed out she developed mange 
and started losing her fur.
And to top it off, a UTI!
But here is the good news...
The cast is off, her fur is back and her UTI is gone!

Now she just has a bit of bruising on the leg and we have to get it stronger,
but she is doing well and loving the fact that she gets to be back with her sisters!

So hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more...
I also HAVE TO remember to schedule posts!!!  
I do not know why I have such a mental block with that!
But all I can say is, I will try.

Well, I have not been able to craft a lot lately...
with all the craziness going on it's been pushed to the side,
but I really want to get back in the swing of it soon.
I did do something new and exciting with my nail polish!!!
I even remembered to take pictures to share with you!!!

So I used to have my nail polish in our bathroom.
My sweet hubby made extra shelves for me to have more room.
Here's a picture of how they were.

 It was great for a while...had them by color and it served its purpose.
But then hubby and I started talking and I realized that I was not using the
polish I had in the back because I could not reach or see them.
So we kept throwing around ideas...hubby even suggested for me to get those racks you put on the wall...what a guy!!!
But then I started to count how many I had, and there was no way I was going to use racks on the wall...I would need too many!!!
Ikea came through for us.  I researched online with many of my nail polish gurus and it was a toss between the Alex and the Helmer.
I decided two Helmers would be perfect and cheaper than one Alex.
They were so easy to put together too!

I was able to separate by color...and even put my nail tools and nail art stuff in their own little drawers!
And the best part...I have more room for more polish.
Don't tell the hubby though! LOL!!!

Since I was lucky enough to have a new place for my polishes,
I was able to find my Pacific Blue and paint away!!!

Oh how I have missed my Pacific Blue!!!
I also purchased recently, the new glitters (Graffiti Bomb/Fiesta)
from Sinful Colors and added Baila, Baila to my accent nail.

I will show you next time all the ones I got and try and swatch them for you.
They are actually pretty good!

Ok, I think I caught up with everything going on and will try and get something up here again soon.
I will leave you with this cute picture of Bella getting caught on the couch (she was) sleeping with a duckie...LOL!!!

As always...take care!