Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happiest of Holidays

I can't believe that I have not posted since Halloween.  
Totally sorry about that, but you know how life gets.
Anyway, I have been crafting and time to share a bit.
This may be a little long since I have so much to share...hope you don't mind.

So, I decided to make a Christmas house...different from my plaster ones that I do each year.
Yeah, I didn't even get those out this year...that's how crazy it's been.
I had this paper mache house that I was wondering what to do with and here is what I came up with.

Here it is as purchased.
I was able to get this at my local Hobby Lobby.

Here it is with the top askew.
Yes, the roof comes off.

I split the house to the back, but not all the way, just so it can be opened.
I also painted gesso on the whole thing before applying papers inside and out.

Here is the final product.
I embellished it with everything I could always.
I wanted to make it as cold looking as I could.
Living in Florida, I miss it being cold at the holiday time...but not enough to move back up north!
So this will do for me!

Another photo of the house finished.
I think this will be another decoration for years to come.

Next, here are the Christmas cards I actually finished and mailed BEFORE the holidays!
That's right...I was able to make a hundred cards and send them out this year.
I am so excited.  I really did not think I was going to make it.
I really need to start earlier next year.
But anyway, I did do it...and I am so proud of how they came out.

The ornament was cut from my Cricut machine which made this much easier.
Though cutting intricate shapes sometimes gives me headaches.
It has the white background shape, then the darker blue ornament shape, 
then the lighter blue ornament bulb.

 Here it is with the next piece, the bow, put on it...and now its ready for...

Yes, I used my Silver Stickles Glitter Glue on each one!
Here's a picture of some of them!!!

The finished card.  
I put the glittered ornament on blue card stock, then patterned paper, then on a blue card base.  
I then embossed in white the sentiment.

I love making cards for the holidays.
To me it's like giving a mini present to everyone each year.
I hope everyone enjoys them.

 The last big thing that I have finished creating is a 'metal look' clock.
I know, you are wondering what 'metal look' means...
Well...look at the following photos and maybe you can get an idea.

Here is a wood board that I purchased on clearance at Michaels.
I put a coat of white gesso on it.

 Next, I added some chipboard numbers, some acrylic shapes and some mesh-rhinestones.

 I then covered the whole thing in metal tape.
You can find it in any hardware store down the roofing aisle.
No, I don't know what you use it for...but I know what I use it for!

 Next, I took my metal kit that includes all kinds of dry embossing tools and carefully went around everything that I have underneath on the board.
I also made many dots, dashes and scratches.
Then I took black acrylic paint and painted the whole thing.
Then before it was dry, I took tissues and wiped it all off.
It leaves black in the grooves and that's what makes this look.
I then added the clock parts...and ta-da!

 This now hangs on my wall in my studio.
My hubby loves it!

Now on to some polishing...

I was challenged last week at work to not do any nail art that I had done before.
 So, after browsing Pinterest...another one of my favorite places online...
Here's what I came up with.

 Rather easy...especially if I was able to do it!!!

This week for Christmas, I did a new manicure...another easy one.
At first I only did the tips with green and red...but wanted to ask my friends if I should put glitter on them or not.
After a long debate on Facebook...
I should have known with my friends that glitter is the only way to go.  LOL!!!

 Here they are with the added glitter.

 I rather like them this way myself.

Well, I told you this was going to be a long post.
I hope to post again soon...but the holidays are almost here.
Oh...I want to know who told me to get the Rainbow Loom?
I have been making these kiddie bracelets all weekend, and I don't have any kids!
What in the world am I going to do with them all?
Especially since it is so easy to do and addicting!

Oh well...
I think the kids in the neighborhood are going to be styling some bracelets for the New Year!

I hope everyone has, or will enjoy their holidays and I wish you all the best New Year.
I have been thinking of some new resolutions for the the New Year...besides for the usual ones.
What are yours...I'd love to hear...maybe I can get some ideas.

Take care all!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your holiday!
Here's my Bella with her horns...she really doesn't need the red ones, her real ones are underneath! LOL!!!

Such a cutie.
Anyway, I have a Halloween craft that I created last week.
It started out like this:

This is a Tim Holtz Configurations Book.

So I first painted the whole thing black...then added papers to the covers.
I also added some swirled bling to the front and a textured velvet ribbon to the outside so I can close it.

This is the back cover.

Here is the inside.
I covered the inside with paper as well.
Now for the little boxes...

I added spiders, buttons, skulls, marbles, skeletons and so much more.

Here I took some glass bottles and added microbeads in copper and labeled them.

I added a glittered spider, an eyeglass thingie (yes, I have no idea what they are called),
skulls, a skeleton with pins and some buttons.

And's the finished piece.

I also did a fast and easy Halloween manicure.
I started with Orly Liquid Vinyl, which is my favorite black.

Then I used both of these Sinful Colors glitters.

First I dabbed All About You on my tips, which is just a fine gold glitter.

Then I added Pumpkin Spice heavy on the edge of the tip of each nail and feathering it out going up.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween post and I hope you enjoy the Halloween Season.
Take care!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Manicure

Hi All!
One of my awesome friends, Jess, asked me if I'd like to join in on the fun of doing a nail art manicure for 
Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.
Of course my answer was yes!
Here is a link to her blog so that you can see the awesomeness she has done as well!

If you know me at all, I am a HUGE animal lover and have had the honor of adopting many a puppy.  Our latest addition to the family, Bella, was adopted only a year and a half ago from our local SPCA and is like no other puppy that we have had so far.
Hubby and I had to let one of our puppies go to Heaven a year and a half ago after only having her for a very short time.  She had a rare condition that was genetic and she was getting worse and worse...we could not let her stay in pain no matter how much we wanted her to stay with us.  
That day, hubby decided for us to take a trip to the SPCA to just look around...that does not happen with me and he should have known that!  We looked around and I seriously had a smaller dog in mind.  We have always had medium to big dogs and now that I am getting...ahem...older, I wanted a smaller dog this time.  But all the poor poochies that needed a home were rather large, so since I didn't have my heart into getting a new puppy...all was good.  Until I got to the LAST kennel.  
I see this little cutie all by herself and no card on the kennel for us to pull.  What was her story?  She wasn't too crazy about visitors, but she did come over to me...leary, but she did come over.  I thought she was adorable and showed her to the hubby.  He thought she was cute as well, but no card on the kennel made me believe that she was already being adopted, so I told hubby that we might as well leave.
As we walk out, hubby stops at the counter and asks the girl about the little one we saw that didn't have a card.  She states...'Oh, the people that were going to adopt her can't, so here's her card.'  Hubby takes it and brings it to me.  Oh gosh, we have got to go back now and see her again.  The card states that she is a Rottie Mix.  Hubby know she will get big...very big.  I don't care, she is too cute.  We go into her kennel and should have known that she was going to be a cute, little devil!  
The growling was hysterical...I took a picture of her:

But even with the devil in her, we still took her home...and yes, she is still evil, 
especially when she is sleeping...but I love her.

Here she is on the swing with her pool next to her...yes, spoiled...

But I wouldn't have it any other way.  
Her and our older dog Amber get along well...they are always looking out for each other, 
but they do have their moments where I have to break them up! LOL!!!
Amber, we were lucky enough to bring into our home 10 years ago. 
Another puppy that we thought wouldn't get so big.

Here they are together...

Yes, Amber is about 100 pounds...and Bella...she has stayed at 40 pounds.
So I guess she doesn't have the Rottie trait! LOL!!!

For Adopt a Shelter Animal month, I did a manicure for my two babies.
I used my favorite black nail polish by Orly called Liquid Vinyl.
This is my go to black.
For the copper color, I used Revlon Copper Penny.

One side is black and copper for Bella

The other is copper and black for Amber

Here is a close up of my accent nails

A Dog Paw and Bone...seemingly appropriate with my two that LOVE bones.
I used the bottom of a wooden skewer with both nail polishes to make the artwork.

My Amber nails:

My Bella nails:

I want to thank you for visiting and listening to my story of my Shelter puppies.
When you are looking to get a new addition of unconditional love to your home...
please remember that there are fur babies of all sorts hoping that you will make them a part of your family.

I also want to thank Jess for letting me be a part of this.
It was lots of fun, and anything to do with animals...I am there!
Again, visit Jess' site...Drunken Beauty.
She does the best reviews on all sorts of beauty items.
I am always in awe.
Take care all!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween is on it's Way!

This week I decided to upcycle a wreath that I had outside and wasn't in love with it anymore.
So instead of throwing it away, I knew it still had life in it and took all the items off of it and start from scratch for the Halloween Season.
Here it is...naked and ready for some new clothes!

I used some black mesh cloth, spider web and skeletons that I had from last year.
Then made some Halloween flowers that I had so much fun making with some skulls to finish them off.
I also added a huge bow I made, spiders and a wooden plaque that I painted.
Our front door is ready for Halloween now!
How do you think it came out?

I also decided that since I do my nails twice a week mostly, that at the beginning of the week it's Halloween  and at the end it's pink for Breast Cancer Awareness throughout this month.
I hope I share as much as I do...but lets be honest, I usually forget.

Here is what I decided to do today for Halloween since it's still early in the month.
I just painted them black with Orly Liquid favorite black, then added Purple, Orange, Green and White various sized dots.  Figured those were Halloween colors.

Before I go...I have to plug my Etsy shop since Halloween is coming.

Cute little Halloween Cards for the Kiddies

Treat Bags for the Kiddies

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Take care!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Wedding Canvas

Hello Again!
I decided to do a little something different than I am used to.
I saw so many of my Krafty friends venturing out into some mixed media.  
To be honest, it scared me a bit.
My type of 'Kraftiness' is clean and contrived...very planned out.
Well, I figured, the worst that could happen...I fling the canvas out when I wasn't happy with it.
But to my surprise, I am in love with the outcome!

So I started with a plain 12" x 12" white canvas.
I then gessoed the whole thing.

Next, I bought this Drywall Mesh Tape a while back 
(yes, again I knew I was going to do something with it, but wasn't sure what)
I added some to the canvas.

Now on to the rest...
I added tissue paper, doilies, cardboard pieces, puzzle pieces, dymo tapes.
I also did a stencil with some moulding plaster.  Totally out of my 'norm'.

I then put gesso on everything, and then painted it all with a pearl white paint.
I added bling, metal flowers, acrylic butterflies, pearl trim, acrylic letters flowers and painted the puzzle pieces with black and white ceramic paints.
I also re-glittered the swirls in silver and added a frame with our Wedding picture.

Inspite of the terrible pictures I took, I seriously LOVE the way this creation came out.
I was able to try new things and it was fun.
I hope I try some new things more and more in the future.

Well, since it is still summer, oh who am I kidding...I love neons all year round.
Being an 80's kid, neon makes me happy, so I do play with the colors all the time.
I decided on doing just the tips and added some black dots down the sides.

Hope you enjoyed...would love to hear from you.
Take care!