Monday, April 2, 2012

Sinful Colors

Why oh why does hubby ask me to stop by Walgreen's?  
Doesn't he know I will pass the nail polish once I walk in and I cannot pass by and not pick anything up. LOL!!!
So I saw a display of Sinful Colors...not sure if any are new or not, but they are new to me...didn't have them!

Amethyst, Boom Boom, Morning Star, Pandora

Then I saw these beauties...I guess Sally Hansen is pushing this line now...and only $1.99 at Walgreen's.
So how could I pass them up?

Hard to Tell, Set in Stone, On the Rocks
Yes, getting in a pinkie, springy mood lately.
But living in Florida, isn't the weather always that way?

Well, hubby had off for a week, spring break...lucky dog!!!
Well, in our main bathroom, we had shelves for towels and stuff, I believe that's what they were for.
Anyway...I started to use some of the shelves for my polish, but they were so far from each other it just felt like they were taking up too much room and there was so much wasted space.
So I mentioned to hubby that I would love to have more shelves put in between the ones already there.
And look at what he did!!!!!

I am such a lucky girl to have a hubby that supports my addictions! LOL!!!
Now that the polish has been sorted by color...I even made a spreadsheet of all my colors so I won't duplicate when shopping...the shelves look bare and I may have to get more polish! 
As if that wasn't going to happen anyway!  LOL!!!

Take care!!!

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