Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Wheel Keep On Turning...

So let me warn you now...this post is very picture heavy.

Some thoughts first...I may have had this blog up for quite a while, but I still feel rather new at it all.
I started this blog to share little parts of life.
I have shared a bunch of my crafts that I have worked on through the years and now just recently I have gotten more into doing nail art, or at least having fun painting my nails.
I have gone over a bunch of times on whether I should have started a new blog for my nails, but I have come to the conclusion that doing my nails is just another part of my creating and I should share on my Krafty Kreations blog.  What do you think, I'd really love some feedback on this.

I seem to go through phases.  I mean, I still craft all the time that I can, but this year I have taken a step back from full force crafting and have been focusing more on nail polishes.  It was rather subliminal really.  After the holidays of 2011, I found myself with a big creative block.  I didn't know how to handle it because I was on such a run last year creating like crazy.  So I then started  getting into my nail polish and how to store them since I was getting quite the collection.
I have always picked up nail polish when at the store.  It just grabs my eye and I have to pick up one or two.
I am the type that purchases drugstore nail polish.  I do have a Sallys card and when nail polish is on sale, I will pick some up there, but for the most part I have Sinful Colors, Wet N Wild, Sally Hansen, Milani...and so on.

I also have this habit of being very organized when it comes to my supplies as well as gravitating to certain nail colors...both of these points get me into trouble, but I may have figured something out.
I went to Sallys and saw these nail wheels that everyone on YouTube has helped me out on using to catalog my nail polishes.
I love being organized, as stated, so I bought a bunch of them.
They have 18 nails on each wheel and 10 wheels per package.  Each package is about $5.00 so I bought some and thought I would share with you on how I have organized my nail polishes...Step by step.

Here they are in the package.

Here is an individual wheel

Now on to how I labeled them on the back.
I took a fine tip Sharpie marker and wrote the names and abbreviated the brand of nail polish for each nail on the wheel on the back.

Then I also labeled the wheels on the front as to each color or finish.
So here are my Assorted Finishes...I really don't have many yet.  
Some Crackles, Effects and Magnetics.

Ok, I am not going to explain each color wheel...I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
I did include each color I did...told you from the beginning it was going to be picture heavy!!! LOL!!!

Yes, even my glitters...I think I have been getting obsessed with these lately.  LOL!!

Then after I painted each nail polish on each wheel with 2 coats and they were all dry and labeled...
I punched a hole in each wheel...(yes it does pay to have some crafting supplies to help with your organizing! LOL!!!) and added a ball chain to keep them all together!

Now I figure I can keep this in my bag so when I am out and about I can make sure I either do not purchase any dupes, or I can make sure that I purchase colors that I 'need'.  LOL!!!

So then I got this bright idea that I can do this for my acrylic paints as well...
yes, I have plenty of those as well for crafting.

See, told you that my nail polish addiction can coincide with my crafts!!!

I did find out that in order to put two coats of your acrylic paints on the nail wheels, 
you need to use a soft brush.  The harder ones will not leave any paint on the wheel.

Here's the one I used.

I did the same thing in labeling the back with brand name and color name for each nail.

Here are some wheels with two coats of acrylic.

And here they are done and also with a hole punched and ball chain through them to keep them together.

So...since I did this, I was able to bring them with me to the store to get some items.
I do have one more suggestion...make the chain that keeps them together long.
You can even use floss, heavy on.
But I would suggest longer than I have here in the pictures.  
While at the store trying to get some more acrylics, it was great to have these wheels to see what I already have on hand, but a little cumbersome to go from wheel to wheel.
Also another suggestion...put your group of wheels into a plastic bag before you put in your purse to go out.
The acrylics especially can get damaged since you are not sealing them onto the wheel 
so you have the true color. Just some words of advice!

I hope that there are some of you out there that are just as 'organized' as I am.
Let me know your thoughts on this and I hope this helps you out in some way.

Take care!!!

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