Thursday, April 5, 2012

N.Y. Yankee Nail Art

What a fun-filled week!
I purchased from Born Pretty Store a couple of weeks ago and look at what I got in the mail today!
I love presents in the mail, even if I bought them! LOL!!!

I bought a nail brush set, nail charms, an empty nail wheel for some extras I have that need a home,
some nail striping tape, stamping nail polish, nail art scissors and I just had to get a Hello Kitty nail plate.
Especially since it was so cheap if I was one of the first 1000 to purchase it.
All of this was less than $20.00, but remember if you buy from them, it will take a bit of time.
But well worth it!

So...I knew I was going to the NY Yankee vs. NY Mets spring training baseball game...
Hubby and I purchased tickets for the game a while back.
I knew I wanted to do something special on my nails for the occasion and since I got my nail striping tape from Born Pretty...the nail art was even easier to do.

I started with a base coat of Hard To Tell by Sally Hansen then used the blue nail striping tape I received on my index, middle and pinky nails.  This was a bit tricky for me, but the nail scissors made it so easy to cut at the ends of my nails with one hand.
I then used one of my nail brushes and acrylic paint to do the NY Yankee logo on my ring finger and the baseball design on my thumb.
I know it's not perfect, but I was rather proud of myself at how they turned out.
I even got some compliments at the game which made me feel rather good too!

In Sun Light

In Sun Light

Inside Lamp-Light

Now here are some pictures I got at the game.
Hubby and I had a ball (pardon the pun), even though it felt as if it was over 100 degrees.
I even got a little sunburn! LOL!!!

Derek Jeter

Brett Gardner

David Wright

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in one of my
Let me know how you feel about my baseball nail art.
Take care!

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