Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flowers really do intoxicate me...

Hello Everyone!!!
Today was my 'Flower Day'.  I have watched so many YouTube videos and searched so many blogs throughout the months and saw so many flower techniques I decided to try my hand at it.

So here is my version of 'mammatiffy' on YouTube's Destiny Flower:

That was my first one, and I know you can see the hot glue, but for my first try I think it came out well.
Next time, lighter on the glue though! LOL!!!
For someone that does NOT work with material, and does NOT sew...it was pretty easy.
I did not have a die-cut to do the circles, I just made a template with my circle cutter of a two and three inch circle and cut the material around them.

So now on to the Tomiko Flower...

I glued these two together and added them to an altered Lunchbox tin I also made today.

Here it is before I altered it...

As it looks now...

Which brings me on to the next flower I made...The Lollipop Flower.  I followed Arlene - 'My Butterfly Kisses' on YouTube.

Now, I do not have all the goodies that everyone else has for these...but I don't think it came out so bad for my first try.  You definitely need a long handled lighter though!!! LOL!!!
I only have white material so that is why all of my flowers I did today are white, but they were all so easy that I will have to get some different colors asap!  I also would like to get some sequins.  Enablers...all of you!!!  LOL!!!
Anyway, I did find some gold beaded vines I had in my stash...and I bought a while back some white petals from Michaels (even though I had no idea what I was going to use them for) and misted them with Blue Smooch spray.  I did try with Glimmer mist, but it didn't penetrate as much as the Smooch.  And I only have Blue...so blue leaves it is!  Have to improvise, I guess.

So after the material flowers, I decided to try one more flower...the Tim Holtz GrungePaper Flower.

First let me say, I do not have a 6-petal flower die-cut or punch.  I honestly do not have many die-cuts or punches at all.  (another thing on my wish list).  So I made a template again, and tried my hand at it.

I used my Blue Glimmer Mist (yes, I get everything in blue, my favorite color) and also added some Clear Stickles.  I want to do this once more, and I think that hot glue would actually be better and faster than Glossy Accents...so will have to try my hand at it again soon.

Whew...I told you it was my day of flowers!!!
Tomorrow is my last day of vacation, so I am not sure what I will try tomorrow.  Decisions, Decisions...LOL!!!  Guess I will search around YouTube tonight and see what I may try tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, would love any comments you may have!!!
Take care!