Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another weekend goes by...

And unfortunately, I was not feeling very good on Saturday, so no crafting for me.  Mostly laying in bed watching stupid TV.  I hate that...when I have so much in my head that I want to do, but my body says..."nope, you are not doing a thing".  UGH!  Oh well...can't do anything about it.
But today I did get up a bit early and started crafting right away.  I started a Mini-Album for my bestest friend Dawn.  She gave me the idea when she was over last weekend and said that we need to take more pictures together, that we don't have many of us.  Even though we both HATE getting our picture taken, we decided that we will try to take more of us together.  I did go through all of the pictures I have and we don't have many, but we do have some.  Most of them are from our various concert adventures.  Wild how we have known each other now for over 30 years and we only have a handful of pictures.  We definitely need to change that.  But anyway...I decided to do a mini-album for her of what pictures of us I do have.
There is one problem...I am stuck.  I mean I decided on the pages, and even covered them with paper, which was a task in itself.  I had to do each page and sandpaper the edges, then do the other side and sandpaper the edges again since the sizes were so wacky.  But that is done and some of the pages are done, I am at a stand still though.  I don't really have a lot of embellishments and would love any suggestions you may have.

So, I would love any help you can give, it would be most appreciated.
Here's to another work week and getting to the weekend fast!!!
Take care!

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