Sunday, January 12, 2020

Wonderful Life


This week I have another craft that started at the Dollar Tree.
I spent a lot of time at the Dollar Tree this holiday season.
It is amazing that some of the items that you find there...
if you work them a different way,
you can find the full potential of the item
that wasn't there at first.

Take this shadow box frame with writing on it already.
For a dollar...not bad, but I am not a big red person myself and it was rather bland to me this way.
But I thought maybe...just maybe I can do something with it.
And what is the worst that can happen if it doesn't turn out...
You are not out a bunch of money because of it.

So I took this frame home and scraped off the writing
with a razor and cleaned it up.

I then, painted the frame with a blue metallic and then when dry, painted a thick glitter paint on top.
I also put blue cardstock on the back piece.
(All already in stash)
 I then used my new Silhouette machine,
(have I told you I am in love with it since I received it???)
And using Silver and white vinyl,
cut out the saying and snowflakes.
I filled it with various size bells and a put a few on the outside as well.
I also added some stars, ribbon and metal corners.
(Again, all in my stash)
And Voila...

I think it came out adorable...
and the saying...perfect in our home.
Our favorite holiday movie.
I also have to say...
I know I am blessed in my life and it truly is...
a Wonderful Life.

Remember to try and look at items you see either at the Dollar store or Thrift stores that catch your eye, but may need a bit of help to be the best they can be!

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