Sunday, January 19, 2020

Candles and Notepads


This week I have some more inexpensive items that I made at Christmas time for various co-workers.

First I made some boxes..which is rather easy.
And I used paper...yes, that I already had from last year.

Then I embellished the outside with bows that I made out of gold foil paper and crystals.
I also had the santa faces done from last year.
Sometimes I make too many of something,
but keep them for future use.
 I wrapped the top with some ribbon and there you go.
Box done!

These candle holders I bought at...
you guessed it...Dollar Tree.
I added some ribbon and gingerbread people
that I purchased from AliExpress.

I added some tealight candles to them and in the box they went with some crinkle paper.

I thought they were rather nifty.
I'd love to know what you think, comment below!

Next, I took this idea from The Posh Paper Lady and her video...

So just like she did...
I purchased some writing tablets from Dollar Tree.

Cut them up a bit...

And here are the results...beautiful notepads.
I also did add some elastic to the sides to hold a Holiday Pencil.
(That idea was from my creative husband!)

These are so simple to make and I am definitely going to keep these in mind for holidays throughout the year.

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