Monday, December 7, 2015

Pin This

Hello and Welcome!!!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving in the USA!
I know I did...especially getting to spend time with the family.
I started my weekend mini-vacations and am loving all the crafting time!

I found some paper mache items that I purchased a while back and decided
to make some pin cushions.
The reason behind this is because I made some stick pins and bead 'sticks'
and wanted somewhere to put them.
And as always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

So I first took this dress form and round box made of paper mache.

I decoupaged them with tissue paper that I had in my stash.
I wasn't too concerned with the inside of the box since I knew that it was going to be closed permanently.

Here's a close up of the dress form.

I then took glass 'ice cubes' I had in my stash and
hot glued them to the bottom of the box.

I found some white tulle and silver mesh I had and cut them into 6" squares.

I attached the tulle first, then the mesh and
trimmed the top with some flower ribbon trim.
I also added some rhinestones to the flaps of the dress
so it wouldn't be so bulky.
I then added some stick 'pins' to the dress form and it's done!

I love how it came out.
Oh, I added some rhinestones on the top of the
dress form as sort of a necklace.

Here's a side view.

The front view of the dress form pin cushion.
Let me know down below what you think.

So I had a couple more paper mache boxes and was in the
pin cushion decided to make a couple more.

I again added the glass 'ice-cubes' to the bottom of both boxes.
I took batting and some fabric and made puff balls
with them and tied them up with rubberbands...
trimming any extra fabric at the bottom and
making sure they fit inside the boxes.

When I added the puff balls of batting into the boxes,
I hot-glued the sides into the boxes.

I then used trim, pearls, paper flowers, lace and such to decorate.
I then added some more stick pins I also made into the cushion.

Here's the other side.

This one I decorated with silver mesh I had and two mesh bows
I purchased from the Bead Factory a while back.
I knew I would use them on glad I found a home for them.

Here's the side of the pin cushion.
One thing I would change...I should have either painted, decoupaged or something to the box before adding the mesh.
It's not that bad, but it is something I should have done.

So let me know which you like or any other comments you may have below.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!
Take care and thank you so much for visiting!

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