Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello everyone and welcome.

So I have been doing a lot of crafting,
But I can't share any of it since they are all for others for Christmas.

I did do a Thanksgiving banner that I even made a quick tutorial on did you.
It was rather easy, and I think it came out looking good.

Here are most of the items you will need to make it.
The background paper for each letter that you decide to have measures 4" tall × 4.5" wide.
Except for the last letter of your banner, which will measure 4" × 4".
So for my banner 'thankful', I had seven measuring 4" × 4.5" and one at 4" × 4".
You are then going to score all of the ones at 4.5" at the 4" mark.
Add a strong adhesive tape on that half-inch mark.

For my banner, I also used colored cardstock measuring 3.75" × 3.75".
Then I also used a pattern paper for each panel measuring 3.5" × 3.5".
The burlap piece measures 3" × 3".
You will also need lettering for each panel of your banner.
I used chipboard alphabet pieces, but you can also use your cricut to cut out your letters,
Or draw/cut your own letters.
Lastly, you will need inks or paints and some embellishments.
I used distress stain, sprays and a bunch of flowers.
I have to admit, I had everything on hand, 
so look about and see what you may have in your stash.

I also used distress inks and blending tool for the edges.
Antique linen is the color I used.

I took each panel I had and rubbed distress ink around all the edges.
Remember to do on each score mark you have as well.

Next, place your colored cardstock and pattern papers on each panel like so.

Now I took the pieces of burlap and pulled two of the strands from each side.

This is what it looked like after I did that.

The burlap piece goes right in the middle.
It is tough to attach, so I did it by placing glue on the back of where the letter is placed.

I then added distress ink in the color vintage photo on each letter.

Then I added Lindy's stamp gang starburst on top.

Now I attached the letter onto the burlap piece with tombow glue, 
Then added more glue to the back of the burlap piece where the letter is so that I could attach the burlap to each panel.

Next...attach each panel to the scored piece of the panel before it until you come to the end panel.

Now embellish in anyway you like.
I added some flowers to each panel.

As always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger and see more detail.

I love the way this came out.
You can use tags instead of cardstock for each panel as well.

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
This banner made me think of how thankful I am 
for everything I have in my life.
I am truly blessed. 
I think I may do another banner to keep up all year round...blessed.

Thank you all for visiting and thank you for being you.
Remember you are an original and you were born to be that way.
Take care.

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