Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pizza Pizza

Hello again and Welcome!

I was throwing out a pizza box at the house,
and thought...
my hubby LOVES pizza so much,
maybe I can make something for him with this 'theme'.

Below is what I came up with.
A Pizza Box Recipe Album.

I cannot cook ANYTHING AT ALL!
My hubby is the BESTEST Chef and I am so lucky to have him 
cook for me everyday and share all of him wonderful creations.
Although I cannot cook in the kitchen...
I made this whole album and box from scratch...
cardboard and paper are my friends.  LOL!!!

So here are the finished items.
The Pizza box and album.
I still have plenty of decorating,
and I also want to laminate the pages after adding his recipes.

 Here they are separated.
I believe I will cover the album and possibly the box with contact paper
so that any mess, since it will be used in the kitchen, can be wiped off.

 Here are the pages for the recipes.
I used recipe cards that I purchased at Hobby Lobby 
since they were already done and on kraft paper.
I matted them on black card stock before adding them on to the page.

 Here is the back of each page for more room of the recipe.

 The inside of the book.

 I was able to add a lot of pages.

 I decorated the outside a bit.
When up on a shelf, you can see what this is all about...Recipes.

 I added 'Jeff's Italian Kitchen' to the front
along with an italian picture that I colored in for him.
He loves it and I hope to soon add his recipes and get it all done for him soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Take care!

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