Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's a Crime Scene

Hello All!
Well, it's been awhile since I put up some nail art,
and since the Halloween Holiday is upon us...
Here's some Halloween Nail Art for me to share with you.

Since seeing this elsewhere, I so wanted to do it.
I LOVE Crime and Investigation shows,
so it only seemed fitting to do some nail art for Halloween!

I started with Orly Liquid Vinyl black nail polish.
This black is my favorite and go to black nail polish.
I applied two coats.

 Next I took white acrylic paint and dipped my finger into it...
then pressed it on my finger.
Here's the result - My fingerprint nail! acrylic paint. 
I took a paint brush and loaded it with watered down paint. 
Then I flicked the brush on top of my nail until I came up with results below.
The Splattered Blood Nail!

 Then I took yellow acrylic paint and made two lines as straight as I could.

 I then took a fine line marker and wrote in the word Caution.
Caution Tape Nail!

 Lastly, I have a nail art pen in white and slowly drew in an outline of a body.
Chalk Outline Nail!

 Here are all my nails with top coat.
The Caution tape nail got a bit blurred when adding top coat
due to it not being totally dry...but I think it adds to the character.

I absolutely LOVE the way these came out,
even though I wish I had a steadier hand!
I did the same on my other hand,
except I did not write out caution or do the body outline...
Blood splattering all around, way easier! LOL!!!

Let me know what you think of my Crime Scene Nails below!
Take care and thanks for visiting.

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