Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Nail Polish Haul

Hello and Welcome!!!

So I held all of the nail polishes I purchased since the end of June 
so I can show you them all at one time.

These are ones I purchased on clearance at Walgreen's.
I love when they have polish on clearance...
it's usually items I wanted, 
but wouldn't pay full price.

 Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - Copperhead
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Peach Fuzz
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Blow Bubbles
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Drama Sheen

This set I found at Beall's Outlet.
Yes, I go there for something totally different and always find polish!

 L.A. Colors - Black, Light Sparkle, Foil, Heavy Sparkle and Studs

 So these Pure Ice polishes were purchased at Wal-Mart when I went to get hubby some things while he was in the hospital.  
I actually bought 4, but while going bananas driving 
back and forth to the hospital, 
I forgot them in the car for a few days and 
must have knocked something into them.
All of a sudden I smelled a bad nail polish odor in my car.
Low and behold...the fourth bottle broke and went everywhere...
thank goodness all in the bag and not in the car!
You can see the color on the 'tealish' color nail polish...
it was a deep orange.

Pure Ice:
??? (label gone due to spillage!)

Revlon - Holographic Pearls
Yes, there are specks of the orange polish on this one too! LOL!!!

These are part of the Chalk Board Diaries Collection
Sinful Colors:
 Truth or Lavendare
Chalk it up

These are part of the Neon Collection
Sinful Colors:
The Bright Thing
Rays of Bright
Vivid A Try
Bright To The Point
Neon and On

Sally Hansen Color Foil:
Leaden Lilac
Yellow Gold

 Sally Hansen Velvet Texture - Deluxe
I soooo thought that the color would come out as blue as in the bottle.
Instead, here is a mani with this polish.

It was dark as black.
But, what I did like was the texture.
It really does feel like velvet.
So I may have to see about a different color.
That's my fault for always going for BLUE!!!

These were purchased during the buy 3 get 3 free (and free shipping) sale.
I made sure not to purchase any BLUES!!!
Sparkle Gloss

If there are any of these that you would like me to swatch,
I would be more than happy to.
I did do this mani with Kitridge this week.

I do have to say, I am not crazy about the formula on this one.
Very thin and streaky for me.
But I do love the color, very bright and summery.

Take care and thanks for visiting!

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