Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Fourth to Remember

So I tried to have things scheduled...
I tried to keep up...
but life got in the way!!!

So I have decided, AGAIN, to just try and blog.
No pressure, no driving myself nuts.
Then it seems to be done fine.

June came and went and I was able to post a bunch.
But then July decided to rear its ugly head and give me a knockout punch!
For the Fourth of July weekend, my sweet hubby had a diverticulitis attack and he had to go into the hospital and stay from Friday night to Monday afternoon.
Then when he came home he had a BAD reaction to the antibiotics they prescribed him.  So it was not a good first couple of weeks of July.
He is better now, and life has gone back to (kinda) normal!

I was able to have a nail art FAIL before the hospital episode.

Isn't that a beauty...NOT!!!
One of my biggest problems is not waiting for things to dry.
So this manicure lasted about 30 seconds!
I did do my nails over and just did the pointer...
Sinful Colors Endless Blue with the Stars and Stripes Glitter over top.

So after the wackiness...I was able to finally have a weekend of crafting.
I wanted to play with the Carnival Cupcakes stamp set from Mama Elephant,
which I think is ADORABLE!!!

I even made masks of the animals, and had fun.

I used my copic markers and had a ball coloring them in.

This one I used a card sketch for the layout.

 I used a card sketch for this one as well.

This one is a card in a box.
I used acetate and paper to have the items be lifted.
I used a Recollections Birthday stamp set with this as well.

Speaking of crafting...I actually have a WONDERFUL story.
I purchased a Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Paper Trimmer at least 10 years ago.
I have been loving it ever since.
But recently the wire that is part of the trimmer has gotten totally messed up.
To the point where when I use the trimmer to cut my paper, 
the paper gets jammed in it.
I have heard that if you get with Fiskars, they will at least send you the replacement piece to fix your trimmer.
So I decided to try it.  I contacted them by e-mail and sent a picture of my trimmer as well.  I figured I would get an e-mail back, but hadn't heard anything.  But it also had only been a couple of days...then this Saturday,
hubby went to the door and when coming in to me asked what I ordered.
I hadn't ordered anything...I had no clue what it was.
When I opened it, it was a brand new trimmer!
I could not believe it!
They so did not have to do that.
All I was hoping for was a replacement piece to fix what I have.
I am still in shock!
I can't believe that a company as big as Fiskars has such customer service.
In this day and age where the customer no longer means anything,
it made me feel as if I do mean something to this company.
Which in turn will make me purchase all my cutting supplies from them and scream their company's name from the mountain tops!!!

Thank you Fiskars, Thank you!

Take care everyone and thank you for visiting!!!

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