Saturday, June 27, 2015

Get This Glitter Off Of Me

I have a bit of a review on a couple of products I purchased to remove glitter polish from my nails and wanted to share my findings with you.

Lately, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that showed a 
gel glitter remover that was getting some mixed reviews 
and wanted to try in out for myself.  
So off to Walmart I went and I did see the product there, 
but I also found two others and decided to try them out instead 
and see if I could get any better results and share them with you.

So here are the two items I purchased.
NYC had this product called 'Strip Me Off'.
They are under two dollars so I bought the last two they had.
The other item is Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel.

Image result for gel glitter nail polish remover
It was right next to this product,  Nail Aid 1st Acetone Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel, which is the one I have seen on YouTube,
but decided to try this one instead and see if it was any better.

Here are the items I purchased up close:
As always, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.

NYC Strip Me Off

 Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel

Here are the directions.
1. Apply 'gelled' solution generously to nails.
2. Let sit for two minutes.
3. Wipe away with cotton ball.

 This is the nail polish I decided to use for this test.
It's Pure Ice Over You.
It has a lot of glitter in a clear base, 
so I thought this may be good for this review.

 On my left hand I used the NYC Strip Me Off.
It goes on like a nail polish and it's cloudy when first applied.

 It then turns clear when dry.

 I then painted my nail with my glitter polish.
It does have a lot of glitter in it and this is only one coat.
I then let all my nails dry.

 I took an orangestick and from the cuticle side,
I started to peel the nail polish way.

 It peeled all the way to the edge and it was all gone!

 The whole hand was easy to do and all of it came off!
This product gets a total thumbs up from me!

 Next, I painted my right hand.
For some reason, it seemed as if the right hand didn't get as filled with glitter as it did with the NYC Strip Me Off on it.
Maybe the product also helps stick more glitter to your nail.
Just a little observation.

 Anyway...I opened the Gel Remover and it looks exactly like the NailArt brand, but it does smell like Coconut from the Coconut Oil in it, so that was a plus!

 I decided to put it on with a brush so that I wouldn't get the residue all over my fingers and I put it on pretty thick.

 Here it is on my fingers and it was cold on my nails.
This was another observation that the girls on YouTube 
mentioned about the other product.

 Set my timer for 2 minutes...

 Time is up!!!

When I went to take off the polish and product...
this is what I was left with on each finger.

Rather disappointing.
But...I do have to say that after I did this to each nail,
I then took a cotton pad and added non-acetone remover and when I went to take off the rest that was left on my nails, it was rather easy to take off.
So I am wondering if next time I should leave it on longer 
and put more on each nail...maybe then it will work better.

After using both products though, it seems that the NYC Strip Me Off
is the item that I would use over and over again.
It was easy to put on, it felt like it had more glitter stuck to it
and it was so easy to get the polish off without any chemicals.

I am going to give the gel remover another chance at one point,
but I am also going to find more NYC Strip Me Off and purchase all I can!!!

I am so happy that I can now wear more of my glitter polishes and make them as dense as I want because I have an easy way of getting them clean!

If you have any products that you know of, let me know below.
I hope this has been a bit helpful to you!

Take care and let your glitter shine!!!

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