Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween is on it's Way!

This week I decided to upcycle a wreath that I had outside and wasn't in love with it anymore.
So instead of throwing it away, I knew it still had life in it and took all the items off of it and start from scratch for the Halloween Season.
Here it is...naked and ready for some new clothes!

I used some black mesh cloth, spider web and skeletons that I had from last year.
Then made some Halloween flowers that I had so much fun making with some skulls to finish them off.
I also added a huge bow I made, spiders and a wooden plaque that I painted.
Our front door is ready for Halloween now!
How do you think it came out?

I also decided that since I do my nails twice a week mostly, that at the beginning of the week it's Halloween  and at the end it's pink for Breast Cancer Awareness throughout this month.
I hope I share as much as I do...but lets be honest, I usually forget.

Here is what I decided to do today for Halloween since it's still early in the month.
I just painted them black with Orly Liquid favorite black, then added Purple, Orange, Green and White various sized dots.  Figured those were Halloween colors.

Before I go...I have to plug my Etsy shop since Halloween is coming.

Cute little Halloween Cards for the Kiddies

Treat Bags for the Kiddies

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Take care!

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