Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Wedding Canvas

Hello Again!
I decided to do a little something different than I am used to.
I saw so many of my Krafty friends venturing out into some mixed media.  
To be honest, it scared me a bit.
My type of 'Kraftiness' is clean and contrived...very planned out.
Well, I figured, the worst that could happen...I fling the canvas out when I wasn't happy with it.
But to my surprise, I am in love with the outcome!

So I started with a plain 12" x 12" white canvas.
I then gessoed the whole thing.

Next, I bought this Drywall Mesh Tape a while back 
(yes, again I knew I was going to do something with it, but wasn't sure what)
I added some to the canvas.

Now on to the rest...
I added tissue paper, doilies, cardboard pieces, puzzle pieces, dymo tapes.
I also did a stencil with some moulding plaster.  Totally out of my 'norm'.

I then put gesso on everything, and then painted it all with a pearl white paint.
I added bling, metal flowers, acrylic butterflies, pearl trim, acrylic letters flowers and painted the puzzle pieces with black and white ceramic paints.
I also re-glittered the swirls in silver and added a frame with our Wedding picture.

Inspite of the terrible pictures I took, I seriously LOVE the way this creation came out.
I was able to try new things and it was fun.
I hope I try some new things more and more in the future.

Well, since it is still summer, oh who am I kidding...I love neons all year round.
Being an 80's kid, neon makes me happy, so I do play with the colors all the time.
I decided on doing just the tips and added some black dots down the sides.

Hope you enjoyed...would love to hear from you.
Take care!

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