Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Broken Nail - May Edition

Sad News...again!
I broke my nails again, so I cut them all the way down now.
Time to start all over!
Oh well.  I usually do this anyway every once in a while and my nails get stronger each time.
So, though I shouldn't complain, I will because I was liking them nice and long...
and I went and bought a bunch of new nail polishes that I will have to use on my stubbies! LOL!!!
Here's the break! ACK!  Used my camera phone for this picture...sorry for the darkness.

Here are my stubbies!!!

I know...again...they are not that short, 
but it does get heartbreaking when they were getting so nice and long.
Oh well...they will be back to being long before I know it.

Take care!


  1. Your nails look super healthy! How do you take care of them?

  2. I don't really. I used to bite them when younger, but when I decided to let them grow I wait til they get really long and cut. Seems to make them stronger and stronger through the years. I do always keep polish on them even if it's just clear and once a week I do try to rub shea butter all over them and my hands before going to bed. Other than that, nothing really. Thanks so much for asking and stopping by. :D