Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy Couple of Weeks...

With no end in sight! But that's okay. I am lucky enough to have a husband that loves me unconditionally and is always there for me to scream, vent, and make me laugh.
Work has been nuts, and is not stopping any time soon. I even get to go to Chicago in a couple of weeks for intense training. I am actually very excited to go, even though I know it is going to be cold. I can't wait to get a chill in me again...being originally from New York and lived there for about 28 years, I actually miss freezing every once in a while. Not that I want it all the time anymore...that's one of the reasons I moved to Florida, but the week of cold and hopefully some snow is something that I am looking forward to. I've also never been off the East Coast in my life, so I am a bit excited to go to a whole new state and will be taking my camera. I know I won't be able to go sight-seeing and stuff, but I will take as many pics as I can to remember my time there.

Let's see, work has been crazy, as I've said, but it's a good crazy...I mean, I am working non-stop, which means the days are flying by. But I also feel that I am not getting what I need to do, done. I hate that. I know I will have everything I need done when I need to, but I wish I could have all my ducks in a row and have everything flowing right. That never happens, so I don't know why I just don't get used to the fact! LOL!!! And the end of the month is almost here...which means more fun times!

But I do have to admit, Jeff has been an absolute angel to me, each weekend I have been waking up early and crafting, relaxing, watching mindless tv...and he has been so supportive. I Thank God everyday for having such a loving husband to share my life with. Yes, we do have our little fights...heck, we've been together for almost 25 years! I am definitely not perfect at all, damn close, but not perfect!!! But I couldn't ask for anyone better to spend my life with. We get along so well, and know each other so well. The best thing is...we are absolute Best Friends, and I think that is so important in any relationship. We can tell each other anything, even if we think the other will get mad because of it. I think all relationships should be like that.

Even friendships. I hope that my friends can feel that if they have a bad feeling, or a problem with me, that they can talk to me, scream at me...whatever they need to do, and feel that they can do it.

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