Sunday, August 16, 2020

Summertime Blues


I can't believe the Summer is almost over!
Well, living in Florida, Summer is never over...
just slows down for a bit!

I made these envelope booklets for the recipient 
to add their summer pictures to.

It was relatively easy to make and I do love making them.
I purchased a summer collection from Hobby Lobby along with some loose summer paper to use for these.

I used kraft enevelopes for all of these.

This first one has a circular summer scene die on the belly band.
It's actually a lot of fun to paper piece it together to have the various colors in the scene.

This next one I used another circular die of the sun 
with Aloha in the center.  
I placed it on top of a tag to adhere to the belly band.

I used some tropical paper on this one.

This next one has a die cut that was included in the Hobby Lobby Summer Collection.  These papers are so adorable.
Popsicles, Poolside and such are just some of the papers.

Very summery lounging on a float.

This next envelope booklet I made more Birthday themed.
On the belly band there is envelope I made with birthday ephemera...just love the balloon animal sticker!

I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.

Thanks so much for visiting.
Take care!

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