Sunday, July 19, 2020

Magic Wands


For this weeks blog post, I did some wands.
I love doing them, 
but I haven't figured out how to give them to people yet!

The ones I did here were based on a tutorial I saw, 
yes...again on YouTube!  
I LIVE on watching YouTube.  
Anyway, here's the link to the video I adapted my wands from:
Sandra at Creative Paper Craft - Unicorn Wand

I have so much beautiful tulle that I am going to set my mind to do more of them.

This first one I did in purples, pinks and whites.
I added some pink and purple trims to the pink striped paper straw it all sits upon.

I added a center with Happy Birthday in pink glitter paper.
I also added a cute resin unicorn.

This next one I did with 'over the hill' in mind...since I am! LOL!!!
Black and white tulle with a Happy Birthday in silver glitter paper.
This sits on top of a silver striped paper straw with some pearls and white/black trim.

It also has a white butterfly and crystal flower in the center.

Yes, definitely have to make more of these.
May have to have them in pen/pencil cup at work.

Take care everyone!

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