Sunday, May 29, 2016

Something Old and Something New

Hello and Welcome!!!

As the name of this blog states...
Something Old and Something New!

The Something Old is something I found while cleaning up my studio.

My Portfolio.
I totally forgot about it and tucked it away in my closet a long time ago.
Opening it up, I found a couple of items I made way back in the day.

Yes, those were my former initials...CM and the year - 1989!
Almost 30 years ago!  ACK!

Another from you can see I was into the whole 80's type of artwork.

This one I know is from College.
I did take a lettering class then and this is one of my favorite quotes
from Emily Dickinson.

Here is actually the oldest thing I found in my portfolio.
It is from my High School lettering class.
(Yes, they did have lettering classes back then! LOL!!!)

We were to make a banner of our favorite quotes, plus one of our own, 
and do them in various style lettering.
The front panel is my own quote.
I cut the banner so I could put it in my portfolio, but kept all of the panels.
 Wild to find and see...especially since I have been wanting to get back into lettering lately.

Now on to the Something New...
Here are a couple of panels I have been doing lately 
after immersing myself in Lettering on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

These are all done on Bristol board and I pencil them out first.

Then with this one I colored it in with alcohol markers and my white gel pen.

This one is actually the first one I have done recently.
I just love the saying and I believe we all need to realize this every once in a while when we think our life is just being difficult.

I colored this one in with just my multi-liners and white gel pen.

This one was so much fun to do since I was able to incorporate
some cute pictures in it as well.

I used my multi-liners and Prismacolor pencils.

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me as well as seeing some of the items that I have been working on.

I think it is just crazy that 30 years later I have found myself wanting to get back into lettering...and seeing where I was 30 years ago as well.

I hope you enjoyed these creations...
and as always with all of the pictures on my blog...
you can always click on the pictures for bigger, detailed pictures.

Also...I would love to know if there is anything you would like to see on my blog.  Let me know if there is a specific item you would like to see used, or a theme...or any suggestions you may have about what you have seen.
I would love any feedback you may have whatsoever, just comment below.
I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!

Thank you so much for visiting and take care!!!

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