Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gotta keep them separated!

Hello and Welcome!

This weekend I wanted to organize my pencils.
Since I use them more than my markers,
I wanted something portable instead of the way I have my markers stored.

As you can see, I had my pencils all together.
Prismacolor, Watercolor, Pastels and so on.
This drove me nuts when coloring an image trying to find what I needed.
So I thought of what I wanted for my pencil needs and came up with this...

Yes, you do see toilet paper rolls, a baby wipes box and some cardboard.
I decided that I wanted to use some recycling for this since everything
I could find online was just not going to work for me at all.
I want it compact, portable and organized.

So I did have to dress up the box a bit, couldn't leave it the way it was!

So here she is in all her glory and I am so happy with it!!!
Isn't she cute?

So I was able to fit five paper rolls vertically in the box.
I put two rows of the five paper rolls and divided each row 
with cardboard to make it even more stable.
This allowed me to separate my watercolor pencils on one side 
and my colored pencils on the other.
This also allowed me to separate them into color groups and as always,
I went by the good old standby...the rainbow.  ROYGBIV.
This makes my life so easy now to find exactly what I need while creating
and not having to go through so much to find what I am looking for.

In the middle I was able to put my gamsol, a drink mix container that has my paper stumps, then I put two other paper for my file and gel pens for finishing projects and the back one has all of my metallic pencils.
Since I do not have any metallic watercolor pencils, I was able to put some brushes back there as well.
So now I have everything I need to color my images in one place!

I was thinking of making one that includes my markers.
I may do that in the future...but as I have stated, I don't really use them as much as my
I will have to save up some more paper rolls!!!

I did not 'fix' everything in there so that I can play with it as
I work with it more.
But so far so good this weekend.

I hope you enjoy this idea and hope it helps you think outside the box as you are needing something for your supplies.

Let me know below if you have any suggestions or comments on my holder.

Take care!!!

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