Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Hello again!
This posting on my blog may become a habit!  LOL!!!

This week was a little exciting.
At work I decided that I want to join a group that investigates various problems.
I put in for it about a month ago and totally thought they forgot about me,
but I did have the interview and all went well.
The guy that gave me the interview was actually from NY as well,
so me being nervous about my accent was squashed right away! LOL!!!
I should be finding out this week what the result is.
I'm o.k. with either way since it's not for a new job, just more work!

Also this week, I had a dream...I had a dream about
Estherina Maria Francesca Sandina Evangela Argondizza
That was my grandmother's name.
I thought about her a lot this week after having the dream.
A little something about me...
I don't dream a lot, or at least I don't remember them if I do have them.
It was weird one too, but it ended up with my Nanny (as I used to call her),
giving me the biggest hugs, that I didn't want to wake up.
I miss her like crazy all the time.
She was more like a mom to me more in my life than my mom was.
When I was really little, we lived with my grandmother and grandfather.
They watched over me while my mom worked and went out with her friends.
At that time, my grandmother worked as well...
she was a meat-wrapper at A & P.
I remember going with her to her job to get her check when it was her day off.
She would take me everywhere.  I also remember going to Macy's and Woolworth's was across the street and we would go there to eat lunch together.
She also used to take me to A & S and I remember at Christmas time the chandeliers that were by the elevators would be all lit up and decorated.
Funny the little things you remember.
Thinking of her this week made me smile a lot.
I hope when she was with me, I made her smile a lot.

This past week I was challenged to use an old stamp...before 2014.
Since I only buy new stamps occasionally,
I have a lot of older stamps that I have in my collection.

The first stamp that I decided to use,
was this Stampendous Precious Moments stamp from 1996.
Told you I have been crafting for quite some time.  LOL!!!

I am very happy with the way it came out since I feel that I am a bit better working with my colored pencils...just a bit.

I felt I was on a roll, so I decided to do another card with another older stamp.

In this one I used a Stampin' Up 2002 Hearts/Swirls Stamp
and a PSX 1997 Stamp 'Rosa
I also used an old ink pad -
Ranger SeaShell Shell Pink
that I hadn't used in forever on the swirl background.

I colored this one in with copic markers instead of pencils.
And I totally forgot where/what stamp the saying is from.

I totally enjoyed this challenge.
It gives new life to stamps that I haven't used in a while.
May have to keep this up,
but don't tell hubby...still want to get new stamps! LOL!!!

Another project I did was several rolled into one.
It's a shaped card, it's a shaker card and it's a Valentine's Card!

I started off with folded cardstock and then cut the top to look like a camera.

I then cut two circles for the lens.

I then glued a piece of acetate on the inside of the open circle.

I then placed foam glue squares around the whole open circle.

I decided that I wanted to make the shaker part higher,
so I added another layer of foam squares.
I took all the paper off the squares and added confetti inside.
Then I topped it off with the other circle.

Next, I added a doily onto the front of the card stock.

Then added a banner of polka dot paper over the doily.

Now add the shaker circle.
One hint that I did not figure, but will the next time.
Add baby powder to the inside of the foam squares 
to stop the sticky on the inside.  
You can do this with a q-tip and wipe excess with a swiffer duster sheet.
(Received this hint from Prairie Ink and Paper )

I stamped You are Wonderful to a piece of card stock 
and cut one edge like a banner.

Now add the stamped saying to the lens.
I added a square piece of silver card stock as the view finder to the front.

I then added an acrylic butterfly and some jute twine from my Target haul.
I also added some pearls to the butterfly.

I then stamped inside the card with two $1 stamps I purchased from Michaels a while back.  I knew they would come in handy!

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine's Camera Shaker Card.
Now you can shake it like a Polaroid Picture!!!  LOL!!!

Take care!

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