Monday, December 22, 2014

Building a Snowman

Hello!  This is probably my last Christmas Nail Art for the Year of 2014.
I decided on a Snowman and it was easy to do.
Again, I was able to take pictures for step by step instructions for you to try.

First paint your nail white, with two coats.

Next I took black acrylic paint and drew an arch at the nail base for his hat.
You can use black nail polish as well.

 With a dotting tool or toothpick and black paint or polish,
make two eyes and dots for his mouth.

Now with orange paint or polish and a toothpick, make his nose.

To finish it off, I put a red line as a band on his hat and two white dots in his eyes.

I decided to do a white tip on the rest of my nails 
and then topped them with Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect.
It is a clear polish with white and black hexagon glitter and black bar glitter.
It reminded me of pieces of a snowman for some strange reason.
Then top coat and done!

See, another easy one that you can do as well.
I hope you try it this season and if you do, post a picture, I'd love to see!

Take care!

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