Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tutorial - Bless You Tissue Box Cover

Hi All.
In this blog post I am going to show you how I made the
Tissue Box Cover you see here.

You can make them for each and every holiday,
or just to match the room that you are putting it in.

Ok, here we go...

For the bottom of the Tissue Box Cover, 
cut two pieces of card stock at 9 1/2" x 5 3/8"
(Or measure the box you are covering and 
add a 1/2" for each piece for connecting.  
Remember, you have four sides to cover.)
Scor on the 9 1/2" side at a 1/2" and 5" on both dies.
See below.

Now put some sticky, double-sided tape on the 1/2" ends.
See below.

Now for the top cover,
cut one sheet of card stock at 6 3/4" x 6 3/4".
Scor at 1" on all four sides.
Then on two of the sides, cut at the cross fold up the 1" fold.
See below.

Add sticky, double-sided tape on all corners.

Next, cut a circle or oval in the middle of the top cover.
I cut a 3" circle for the box of tissues I am covering.
I used a die and adhered the die with removable tape.

Now for this, since I used my Big Shot to cut the circle,
I folded the side over the bottom plastic layer so that the paper could fit in the machine to cut the circle.
Hopefully you can see by the picture below what I mean if you are using your Big Shot as well.

Here's the circle cut.

 Now you want to decorate the pieces before putting it all together.
Here is what I did for Halloween.

Now take your top cover and fold in each corner.
Adhere the bottom flaps to the sides.

 Here it is done.

Now for the bottom cover...adhere one sheet to the other.

Then adhere the open end with the opposite end.

There you go...all done.

Now slide the bottom cover on the tissue box like below.

Then add the top cover and pull out your tissues.

I also embellished a bit more, here is my finished Tissue Box Cover.

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and if you have any questions, 
please feel free to ask.

Take care!