Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Secret Garden Album...

 In my last post, I showed you the following album that I was working on...

Here is how it ended up.
I decided to make it a bit feminine, which is not my usual style, 
so it was a bit different for me to work on.

I added fibers to the spirals on each end.
Metal Butterflies adorn the cover and a metal chain with a metal key that has the word 'Secret' actually keeps the album closed.

Here you can see the front embellishments a bit closer.

The albums pages fold over each other inside.

 I added places to add photos with various tags.

Here are some of the side tags opened.
This album was a lot of fun to make and I have put it up in my Etsy shop for anyone who would like to give it a home.

I also had a lot of fun doing a wacky design on my nails.
I saw a picture on Pinterest that was close to this 
as far as each nail was different.
I really like the way they came out.

 May have to do this design again soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Take care!!!

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