Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's try this again...

Wow...over two months since I have posted...and promised that I would post again.  Oh well, I do try, honestly.  It's just with my job, crafting on the weekends, keeping up with my Etsy site, dealing with a puppy that is a nut, and just life in general...I totally forget to get on here and post away like I want to.
So, I will not promise to post more, I will just try to.  Maybe without the pressure, I will be able to do it more.  But remember, no promises.  :D  Anyway, I have been going nail blog and pinterest crazy lately.  LOL!!!  I LOVE seeing all the talented people that do so much with their manicures, and get such inspiration from everyone.  And yes, doing my nails is another of my obsessions.  I do put it along the lines of being creative as I try to be with my crafting, so I don't think it's that far of a stretch of what I am interested in throughout life.

Hubby and I have tickets to the last spring training games for the NY Yankees vs. the NY Mets next month and I have been thinking of a manicure for the occasion.  I know...and I did tell you...I am weird.  So for the last week or so I have been scouring the stores around where I live for a perfect navy creme color and of course I have to pick up other items while searching.  Today I went to do my weekly visit to my local Sally's Beauty, but they are in the process of moving to a new, bigger location and all of their nail supplies were of course...not there.  I was heartbroken.  So I then visited Kohls, which had no nail polish at all!  So then I went to K-mart.  I actually have to admit, I scored there!!!  I looked through so many brands and found two beautiful Jordana Glitters and a Sally Hansen Pink that was adorable.  I navy.  But they were pretty and I had to have them.  I then started to go to the checkout when I saw a clearance rack...and could not believe my eyes.  They had the Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens there.  I have a couple of these already and with the help of this wonderful blogger, ChloesNails, I found out that these pens are great for stamping, which I am slowly trying to do.  So I looked quickly through the piles of them and grabbed four.  I really wanted to get all the colors they had, but I was pressed for time so grabbed and went.  I definitely have to make another run there tomorrow.

Here are the pics...

Jordana La City Lights, Jordana Magenta Magic, Loreal After Hours, Sally Hansen Nail'd It.

Yes, you do see a's the Loreal After Hours.  I did get to pick this up the night before at Walgreens, but I am not to sure that this is the navy that is in my head for my manicure.

Here are the Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens.
Sheer Beige, Black, Petal Pink, Red.

Now, here's the best's how much they were:

YES, that's right... 80 cents!!!
The two I have bought previously I did get rather cheap at Big Lots for $1.50...
but you can not beat 80 cents!!!
Definitely have to go back tomorrow!

So, I am now going to see if I can play a bit and actually paint my nails.  If they come out well, I may post again soon.  But promises!

Take care...

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