Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Copics got me...

I am going to try and catch up on what I have been up to since the last time I posted...which was 3 months ago, but I have been a busy bee crafting! LOL!!!
I found out that Michaels started carrying Copic Markers.  And when I did, I had 50% Coupons!  WOO-HOO!  So I even had hubby go in each day and purchase some for me to build up my collection, but instead, he asked the one day he went if he could use a bunch of coupons and they let him...he just had to do each one a separate transaction.  What a man I have!!!  Anyway, I think I have about 30 now...and that's good enough for me because about a year ago I stumbled across a clearance sale at Office Depot of Prismacolor Markers...48-set for $10.00...I knew I couldn't pass that up.
So now of course, I got on to a coloring phase and colored, colored, colored.   I have a lot more practicing to do, but I love it!  Here are some samples of stuff I had been coloring.
The images are from The Greeting Farm!  AWESOME images...gotta get some more!

Yep...lots more practicing...but loving it so far.  I also saw on Youtube how to use your prismacolor pencils with these images...gotta try that as well soon.

Ok...that is my Copic Phase...on to the next!!!

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