Monday, May 16, 2011

Being sick sucks...

Sorry that it's been so long, again, that I haven't written.  I even tried to make a New Year's Resolution of blogging more, but as I've said before, the beginning of this year...SUCKED! To say it bluntly.  LOL!!!
Well, the last time I wrote, I let you know of how sick I had been and thought it was gastritis.  But it wasn't.
I started to get sick more and more, getting worse and worse.  I actually went to the Emergency Room!  I NEVER go to the hospital, except for others.  I am actually never sick...barring colds, so this was way too much for me...and my hubby.  He was totally getting worried and out of control.  My bestie took me to the Emergency room and they gave me an IV because I was so dehydrated from throwing up so much, and nausea medicine.  I rested for a bit, and they said it was a belly bug.  Unfortunately, I seriously did not think it was the belly bug...but I was not in the right state of mind and I totally felt bad for Dawn staying the whole morning with me.  So we went back home.
I was better for a couple of days...but started again.  I got totally sick at work, drove home...and had to stop multiple times on the way to get sick...finally made it home and stayed in bed til hubby got home.  He knew there was something really wrong...he said I looked like a color in my face at all.  The throwing up was unbearable...and there was nothing in my system to come up.  But I would sleep for about an hour, then wake up and throw up...then back to sleep.  He called his doctor and inquired about it.  his doctor said to being me to a different hospital and he totally thought it was my gallblatter.  So, the next morning, bright and early...during a mad storm, hubby brought me to another hospital and told them all about it.  They took me right in because my heart rate was so high.  After the doctor looking me over, taking an x-ray, taking a sonogram and finally a cat scan...they determined it was my gallbladder and it was so bad I needed surgery right away.  My white blood cells were wacky and they did not like what they saw.  So that night I had first surgery ever...and had my gallbladder taken out.
I later found out that my gallbladder was calcified, which means that it was starting to wear on my other organs and cancer could have been the next step if it was not taken care of when it was.  Thank God we went when we did because none of my other organs were harmed and all is good now.  The good thing that came out of this all is that I now have to watch the fat intake.  So a month and a half later I am now almost 25 pounds lighter.  Which I don't mind, cause I can certainly lose more!!! LOL!!!
So now that I bored you with that story, I figure I will leave this blog at that and will fill you in on more later on.  I do promise to get on here more now that things have calmed down in my being sick.  But the puppy is another story...she is certainly a handful and is growing more each day!!!  Updates on that soon.  Take care everyone...and the moral to this story...always go for a second, third, or even fourth opinion...and as soon as you can.  You can never mess around with your health.  If you don't have that, what do you have?

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